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Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

whole wheat pizza dough recipe

My family LOVES pizza.  That isn’t unique to my family…pizza is an all American meal.  Many families have pizza at least once per week.  My husband would eat it every other day, if not every day, if it were an option. 😉

I’ve been making homemade pizza dough for a while now.  When I first started making it I used all purpose flour.  You can totally still make it that way…and it is DELICIOUS.  You can grab my original recipe for homemade pizza dough here.  BUT, if you want to bump up the nutrition I highly recommend making this whole wheat version.  If you use freshly milled whole wheat it will be light and wonderful – not packy at all.  Milling your own really is the way to go with whole wheat.  You can really taste the difference and the texture is totally different.

Making your own pizza dough is one of those things that sounds difficult {if you’ve never tried it} but it really isn’t.  Pizza dough only has a few ingredients and has a short rise time compared to other bread doughs.  You basically need an hour to rise.  That may sound like a long time, but think about it.. Here’s what dinner time looks like when I make homemade pizza:

Step 1: Make dough {ten minutes} and set aside to rise
Step 2: While dough rises, unload the dish washer and start a load of laundry.
Step 3: Cut up toppings, grate cheese, oil pans, wash up any dishes from making dough, and preheat the oven to the HIGHEST temp it can go!
Step 4: By now about an hour has passed, so I spread the dough out, add sauce and toppings
Step 5: Bake pizza at extreme high heat for about 7 minutes {until golden brown and bubbly)
Dinner is ready – start to finish 1 hour 20 minutes + I got a load of laundry and the dishes unloaded :)

So, although it isn’t ready in 30 minutes it is still a great weeknight dinner for us.  If you’re not convinced, try it on a weekend- you’ll see.


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