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Roasted Cauliflower That Will Change Your Mind About Cauliflower

Here’s the deal. When you’re husband decides he’s going to go Paleo you are going to get tired of the same ol’ standbys. One can only think of so many ways to make chicken and brussel sprouts – and the once favorite sauteed green beans lose their luster after you’ve had them a bajillion and one times.  So, I started searching and getting adventurous.

Roasted Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower

I think we’re pretty far from picky these days but as it turns out, we ate a lot of the same veggies – although sometimes cooked in multiple/different methods: brussel sprouts, green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes were pretty much the typical veggies you could find on our dinner table.  Now, I enjoy a fresh salad or raw veggies like cauliflower, sugar snaps, and other crucibles but you will NEVER catch my husband eating that “rabbit food” as he calls it.

A Paleo diet without raw veggies and salads…this was going to be interesting. But, we’ve done it! And, we actually discovered a few new veggies and cooking preparations we ALL liked! Cauliflower was one of them.  I love raw cauliflower but cooking it left a little {okay… a LOT} to be desired. We had tried it steamed, mashed and disguised as mashed potatoes and they were just “meh.” I had even tried roasting it once before and it was terrible. However, I am happy to report this recipe is not terrible or even “meh,” it is WONDERFUL and I would even dare say my new FAVORITE vegetable dish.

Even my 5 year old loves this! I know…I almost laughed out loud typing that! My picky 5 year old who gives me a hard time at the dinner table on a regular basis with “I don’t like that,” “How much do I HAVE to eat,” “Can I just have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” actually volunteered to eat this and said he LIKED it! {Faint}.

Ready for the recipe? You’re going to die when you see how simple it is. Make it tonight…no really. And then call me for dinner.

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My Nightstand Had Busy Mom Syndrome

See that photo – that is the before shot.  This is what it REALLY looks like to be a mom blogger. Messes. Paperwork, cords, computers, hardware, EVERYWHERE. Maybe you have a place like this in your home – you know the “catch all.”  My nightstand happens to be one  of these “catch-alls” {of several, unfortunately}.  Our routine at night is to give all the children here a bath {I bathe the baby and my husband bathes the older two} and then we meet in our bedroom to dress them all and get them ready for bed.  That explains the bedtime “sleepy” essential oils, eye drops for my daughter, cream for the baby, diapers for the baby, and nail clippers that all end up piled on my nightstand.

nightstand mess before

This also happens to be the place where I bring the baby to nurse during the middle of the night before tucking him back in. That explains the diapers, the wipes, the diaper rash cream, and often the burp rag.

This also happens to be one of several “offices” I have around the house. Working from home has its luxuries, but one of the downsides is you can never leave “work” and “work” makes piles all around the house too. I have a desk where most of my supplies are stored. But, I often end up working sitting up in my bed on my laptop late at night. That explains why you’ll find paper, pens, notebooks, postcards, phone cords, computer cords, and sometimes a camera and its cords all laying on and around my night stand.

I have several places around my home that could use a little more organization, but I decided this spot had the biggest need. It is a place that sees the most traffic and it seemed like it could be a quick tackle. Sometimes tackling a small job makes us feel good and one small cleaning/organizing job leads to another. ;) …Baby steps people, baby steps.

After photo of messy nightstand

So, I went to Walmart with this is mind. I new I needed some sort of organizer or basket to help corral all the stuff that lands on my nightstand – and often NEEDS to stay there. I ended up with a fabric drawer organizer from Better Homes and Gardens. It was super inexpensive and is actually intended to organize small things inside a dresser drawer but it looked like the perfect solution for my night stand. Plus, since it is covered in a pretty “tweed like” fabric – it looks fine sitting out {and also happens to match my bed linens. – BONUS!}.

Close up shots of the fabric drawer organizer used for my nightstand

First things first, I got rid of the stuff that I didn’t need on my night stand – stuff that could go live in other places in my home. I tossed the trash, drug everything off, and cleaned the top. Next, I organized what was left – essential oils for bedtime, eye drops, creams and lotions for bedtime routine. I even have a designated spot for my notebooks, pens, and postcards, and place to corral headphones and cords and even the TV remote.

Has it worked? YES! I did this about a week and half ago and my night stand is still neat and tidy! This has been the perfect solution!


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