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Shea Moisture Baby Line – Not JUST for Babies

Have you kicked the chemicals to the curb?  Maybe you’ve cleaned up your diet a bit and your really watching what you put IN your body… are you ready to conquer the next step? Did you know your skin is your body’s biggest organ and what ever you put on the outside is absorbed INTO the body? If you haven’t already begun to take a second look at the ingredient list on your personal care items and household cleaners – the time is now.


There are so many GOOD products that don’t have the toxic load that the other companies do.  it is becoming easier to FIND good products too. You don’t have to go to a specialty store or even a natural foods store to get products without harmful ingredients.  Shea Moisture is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to personal care for the WHOLE family and it is super affordable and easy to find. You can get it at the every day low price of $9.94 online and in store at Walmart.

No harmful ingredients AND affordable…what more could you want? How about ingredients that are GOOD for your skin?  Yep, it’s got that too. Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby line has frankincense and myrrh – two essential oils that are great for skin!

We love Shea Moisture around here – I’ve written other posts about them and their hair care lines.  I personally like their coconut and hibiscus line of hair care. And, my children AND my husband all use the baby line. It has a great scent that is perfectly fine for babies, boys, girls, and even men.  :)  Not perfume-y but it does have a great non toxic scent. For my daughter who has more hair, I use the baby shampoo and wash and then follow up with some of my coconut and hibiscus conditioner from Shea Moisture.

If you haven’t tried them, I encourage you to check it out!  In my local Walmart they keep it with the ethnic hair care but it works great for all hair types and skin colors. ;) Be sure to look around for it and give it a shot or grab some online.

Have you been switching your personal care over to non-toxic brands and products? 


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Choosing Sustainable Products – Made EASIER

Does sustainability matter to you? Not sure what sustainability even means? I’ve got the 411 on what it is and why it should matter to you. Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely.  So when we refer to  products, ways of farming, or manufacturing as “sustainable” we mean that they are practices that are the best we know for the environment.  They don’t deplete the natural resources or pollute nature.  When I shop for grass fed beef or buy produce from a local grower who grows a polyculture {many different fruits and vegetables} instead of mono cropping {growing JUST one crop that creates problems like pests, soil depletion, etc.} I’m buying from sustainable farmers. This is REALLY important to me. I know I am getting a better product for my family and that I am not contributing to the problems. But did you know you can buy other sustainable products?
Determining which products are manufactured using sustainable practices used to be difficult. How was I supposed to know which toothbrush manufacturer recycled their water, used recycled plastic, or produced minimal waste?  Without a friend of family member who worked for that particular company it was pretty impossible!  Well, Walmart has made it easier for us to determine which manufactures are using sustainable practices with the Sustainability Index.
Sustainable products
The Sustainability Index is a supplier scorecard program that is the result of years of work with The SustainabilityConsortium (TSC), an independent, nonprofit organization that collaborates with more than 100 product manufacturers, nonprofits, and academic researchers to create science-based measurement tools. The Sustainability Leaders badge does not make representations about the environmental or social impact of an individual product, only that the manufacturer has scored well enough to earn a badge across all of the products they make in that category.
For example, a television identified with a Sustainability Leaders badge indicates that the manufacturer has been identified as a Sustainability Leader among its peers in the television category for its sustainability management practices.
Although the badge isn’t specific to the individual product’s environmental impact, our supplier and category level approach is intended to help customers identify companies leading in sustainability. The price for a Sustainability Leaders’ product doesn’t go up when a supplier is badged.

The Walmart Sustainability Leaders Shop (www.walmart.com/sustainabilityleaders) makes it easier to find products made by companies that have scored as best in class in Walmart’s Sustainability Index. Walmart believes that customers shouldn’t have to choose between affordability and sustainability – that’s why all companies that supply to Walmart are eligible to participate in this program. On Walmart.com, more than 10,000 products made by companies identified as leaders in a category (like televisions or plastic toys) through the Walmart Sustainability Index are marked with a Sustainability Leaders badge.
We’re one step closer to making more educated decisions about the products we buy – with our minds AND our dollars. Does sustainability and purchasing products from sustainable companies matter to you?

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