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SIMPLE Snack : Mini Buckeyes

Looking for a sweet treat to indulge in?  We’ve got just the thing!  Have you seen those NEW Skippy peanut butter bites? They are so yummy and delicious on their own. But we thought of a fun way to make them into a favorite treat around here…MINI Buckeyes!

Mini buckeyes

How many of you love to nibble on Buckeyes at the holidays?  Maybe you’re the family member who always brings them to the big family shindig. Or maybe you look forward to dear aunt Martha bringing you a tin full for her homemade holiday gift for your family.

Around here, those delicious homemade candies only make it out about once a year.  Yes, I realize they are delicious and they should happen much more frequently. But, as it is with holiday treats, they are just a bit to difficult to whip up for a weekday treat…until now.


When we received some of these wonderful balls of peanut butter goodness in a box full of goodies from Walmart, my kids fought over who would get to eat them. Of course I made them share…with me. We all thought they were wonderful straight out of the cup. BUT, it was actually my husband who had the ingenious idea to dip them in chocolate. “That’s not a bad idea,” I said.  {I mean, can dipping ANYTHING in chocolate EVER be a BAD idea???}  The more I thought about it, the more that sounded like a terrific idea. “They’ll be just like miniature Buckeyes!” I exclaimed.

Simple is definitely the word to describe this treat. I mean, Skippy did all the hard work making the peanut butter balls! Now all you need to do is dip those babies in some chocolate!  These are so simple they’d make a great treat to serve up for friends, a fun addition to party food, or even just a delicious snack after school – especially after a rough day of testing. 😉


I actually had a bag of melting chocolate lying around {who doesn’t?}. Okay, if you aren’t a weird chocolate hoarder like me, you can pick up some of these melting chocolate wafers in the baking aisle at your local Walmart. I find it the easiest to work with for this type of task and it is delicious to boot. Spread out some wax paper to let your miniature buckeyes rest and harden up {it doesn’t take too long- about 30 minutes} or pop them in the fridge to speed up the process.

What do you think? What else would you do with these delicious orbs of peanut butter…besides gobble them down by the handfuls?


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Summer Packin’ – What’s Should You Carry in the Diaper Bag?

Summer is COMING. {I keep reminding myself …like a mantra as this week we’ve had another cold snap and I’m mumbling and grumbling about cold feet}.  But, I digress.  I couldn’t be more excited about warmer weather and getting out doors with my little ones. They have been BEGGING to go on a picnic and for a hike in the woods. Truth be told, I am just as excited as they are – I just require a bit more WARMTH to DO it.

diaper bag

With summer excursions and weather changing, don’t forget to change out your baby’s bag! You don’t want to be caught at the restaurant when the baby has poured a bowl of soup in his lap and realize you forgot to switch the extra clothes and all you have is a fleece jogging suit in 90 degree weather!

I’ll be truthful here… with baby #3 I’m a little {okay a LOT} more relaxed about packing a diaper bag. I used to pack everything but the kitchen sink.  I think I’m just as prepared {maybe even more so} with this little angel, but I don’t sweat the small stuff – or tote around a bag as big as me.

Here’s what you’ll find in my diaper bag:


An extra change of clothes AND another spare shirt.  You always need a spare outfit {you never know when that major blowout might hit!}. But, I can’t tell you how many times an extra shirt has saved our day! Its easy to go from dinner out with baby to another event where we need to look CLEAN when you’ve got a spare shirt for a messy {I. CAN. DO. IT. MYSELF.} eater. {These cute sets are from Walmart and are a STEAL at $7.94 per SET}.

Diaper Cream. It isn’t often that we need it. But when we do – we do. I prefer this one by Burt’s Bees. Its works like a charm – usually with ONE application.


Diaper & wipes. This one’s a no-brainer. But, don’t forget the watch the size! As baby grows, don’t forget to make sure you change the ones out in the diaper bag if you haven’t used them up or checked in a while!

An empty grocery sack. You never know when you might have a dirty diaper or a unexpected barf session. I know it isn’t pleasant and we’d rather not think about it. But, better safe than sorry. {And on that same note, make sure you keep a spare box of wipes and a roll of paper towels in the CAR…you can thank me later}.12961714_10208412934228522_6274349182726047919_n

A snack. Babies don’t really understand the whole,”we’ll eat in just a minute…we’re ALMOST there.”  And I really prefer a stress free trip without screaming – or at least LESS of it. So, pack a snack that doesn’t need refrigeration and will last if you don’t eat it this time around. My 18 month old likes dried fruit, crackers, and granola bars. You COULD pick up some baby snacks, but we prefer something that could be shared with an older sibling if needed. Babies like the same foods we do. Just make sure that it is appropriate for the amount of teeth and control your baby has. 😉

A cup.  Sure, this is more of a luxury. We’ve made do without it. Most restaurants have cups with lids these days and when we’re visiting family we can always find something that will work. But, it is nice to have a cup packed away when you want to share a bottle of water with a tot. We really like this one from AVENT  that is teaching our wee one to have a bit more control and independence and learn to drink from a regular cup – without making a huge mess {its spill proof}.


Here are some other things you’ll find in the pockets of my bag: Hand Sanitizer or hand spray, sunglasses {my little one LOVES them}, a time occupier {like matchbox cars and crayons – you’ll never know when these will come in handy and spare a meltdown}, quarters for parking, my essential oils bag of must haves/first aid oils.

What about you? What’s in your diaper bag now that the weather is warming up?


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