Organic Food Now Made Affordable thanks to Walmart

Walmart, the nation’s largest grocer, announced today it will carry Wild Oats organic food items.   Why does that matter to you and me?  If your budget is tight and you find it difficult to afford the organic foods that are a priority for your family, this is going to be music to your ears!  Wild Oats will be offering a wide selection of products – from salsa and pasta sauce to quinoa and chicken broth. Customers will save 25 percent or more when comparing Wild Oats to national brand organic products.

wild oats2

Wild Oats, a trusted provider of organic groceries, will feature the following lines at Walmart:

  • Wild Oats Marketplace Organic™, which adheres to USDA guidelines for organic certification and includes everything from canned vegetables (15 oz) at $.88 to a full range of spices such as paprika, curry powder and ground cinnamon (2 oz) starting at $2.48. Organic items represent nearly 90 percent of the Wild Oats offering.
  • Wild Oats Marketplace™, which includes products with simple and real ingredients such as ready-to-prepare skillet meals (5.8 oz) at $1.50.
  • Wild Oats Marketplace Originals™, offering new and uniquely formulated items, will be available later this year.

“We know our customers are interested in purchasing organic products and, traditionally, those customers have had to pay more,” said Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of grocery at Walmart U.S. “We are changing that and creating a new price position for organic groceries that increases access. This is part of our ongoing effort to use our scale to deliver quality, affordable groceries to our customers.”

wild oats3

I’m most excited about products like apple sauce – it is SO expensive to buy organic, but since apples are on the top of the Environmental Working Group’s {EWG} dirty dozen list, it is a no compromise item for me. What I mean by “no compromise” is I just will not purchase conventional apple sauce.  That means I don’t buy it often because it is a budget buster for me. However, now thanks to Walmart’s partnership with Wild Oats organic apple sauce will be on my grocery list a little more often as a great packable lunchbox or picnic food and treat for my two littles.

I’m excited to see and try the whole assortment and see how it compares to other national brands that I’ve been used to purchasing.  But, of course, like most of you, I’m most excited about the amount of money I’ll be able to save on my grocery bill if these products are items I’ve been paying more for and purchasing regularly.

What about you? What would you like to see on the shelves at Walmart in this new Wild Oats line up?  What’s an item you pay a premium for right now that might find its way on this new line up?


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Pay It Forward – A Give Away

About a month a go I shared a post about how Chicken of the Sea, an iconic seafood brand that we’ve all grown up with, is celebrating their centennial in a fantastic way – by paying it forward. They are calling it the “100 Years of Good” campaign – a year long celebration of special promotions, parties, commemorative packaging, and the Great American Gratitude Touch, a Chicken of the Sea Mermaid-hosted nationwide tour.


As part of the tour the fantastic folks at Chicken of the Sea have offered to let me in on the giving fun.  I get to give away $1000 in $200 increments to 5 fantastic Wholesome Mommy readers who are also in a charitable mood and would like to see good in their own neighborhoods.

I’m looking for people who are already making a difference or have seen opportunities to make a difference and didn’t have the means to do it.  And, there will be a reward for your good work. Here’s how it works:

:: FIVE Wholesome Mommy readers will win $200 each ::

Those winners will get to keep $100 for themselves and do good in their neighborhoods with the other $100.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

Think about your gifts and talents and what needs you see in your community.  What GOOD could YOU do with $100?  Here’s some ideas about what $100 could do to get you thinking:

  • Landscape a small town church or boys and girls club with a little added elbow grease
  • Buy groceries for a shut in or family who is in between jobs
  • Buy groceries for the local food pantry
  • Do a small repair for a local individual’s home that can’t afford to {or isn’t able to} do it him/herself
  • Donate to the local recreation league to pay for sports equipment or cover fees for families that can’t afford them
  • Make dinner for a few families that are having a tough time and deliver it to them
  • Give away to your local charity of choice that could use the donation of funds

Share your idea with me one or more of these ways:

  • Take a photo of what you want to do and share it on instagram – tag me in you your photo {DeniseSawyer}
  • Leave a comment here telling me what you would like to do
  • Share your ideas and photos with me via email {} or on my facebook page { }

I’ll be taking entries until April 29th at 11:59 EST – so give it some thought and send me your great ideas for paying it forward.

And before you go, if you haven’t seen the mermaid yet, there are still opportunities to see her, have your picture made, and pick up some great coupons! Check out the map here to see when she’ll be in your neck of the woods.  Tag your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to have them appear on the “100 Year of Good story wall using the hashtag #100YearsOfGood.

Disclosure: This post is compensated.  Of course, you know I blog with integrity and only share posts and brands that I trust and use myself. These opinions are honest and always my own.

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