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Boys’ Room Redo – When Siblings Share a Room

With the arrival of our third child lots of changes have taken place.  The adjustment to three happened even before Ezra was born.  We knew we only had a 3 bedroom house and that all three of the rooms were occupied. Building on to the house wasn’t an option, so we knew we were going to have to have two of our children share a room. Since our third baby was going to be a boy, it only made sense for Judah to be the one to share a room.

We didn’t want Judah to feel like he was giving up anything. If anything we wanted to make this a positive experience for him, as we “upgraded” his room. Luckily, he was never angry or anxious about having to share a room. He is still happy to share his room with his baby brother now that he is here {we’ll see if that changes in a few months and even years when his little brother is “bothering his stuff”}. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the things we did to the room. We’re proud of it! I think it turned out fantastic!

Boy's Room Redo - Siblings Sharing a Room

This is Ezra’s bed. We bought it for Judah – it is a Storkcraft convertible 3 in 1 bed that we bought from Walmart. We converted it to a toddler bed for Judah and now that he is 6 we opted to let him sleep in the window bed and convert the toddler bed back into a crib for Ezra.

Boys Room Redo - Siblings Share a Room

This is the window bed. The white curtains were super cheap panels from Walmart – but they are what give this bed its character! The biggest changes we made were picking up new sheets and throw pillows for Judah – incorporating a bit of red in the room where it was once just blue and white.  My mom made the boys’ floor pillows. Judah got his when he was born and she made Ezra a red one when he was born.

Boys Room Redo - Siblings Sharing a Room

We also bought the changing table for Judah – it had a PILE of stuffed animals on top so we had to find a new home for them. It works great for both boys now – Ezra’s changing table on top and Judah’s puzzle storage on the middle shelf. Extra bedding goes in the rolling hide away badger box.

red storage box in boys room from wholesomemommy.com

The solution we came up with for the stuffed animals actually happened serendipitously.  I went to Walmart in search of a large rubbermaid tub that I thought would be ugly and we’d keep in the closet.  But, I saw these cute tubs by Mainstays with rope handles. I figured we’d keep it in the closet for stuffed animals. But, once I got it home I realized it fit perfectly in the cubby hole under his shelving. The clothes hamper was there but it was really small for the space and the space was mostly wasted. This tub looks like it was made for the space and it came in red!

Boys Room Redo

We had a smaller shelf that we kept books on for Judah but we knew the two boys were going to need more storage. We opted to keep the half size book shelf and just move it over to a different part of the room.  Now it houses leapfrog books and puzzles and our fish tank. Then, I bought a second taller book shelf from Walmart to house the books, a few baskets – that I LOVE- of smaller toys {like Lincoln logs and Hot Wheel Cars}, a box of Judah’s “treasures” {aka small balls, feathers, cards, and other things that don’t have a home}, piggy bank, field guides, and some of Judah’s nicer toys to display.

boys room redo

We moved all of Judah’s other toys that were in baskets and littered all over the floor and put them in the closet. This actually freed a lot of space and made the room seem bigger rather than smaller – even with the addition of an extra book shelf!  To keep the toys put away and the closet tidy, we bought a VERY affordable utility shelf unit from Walmart that fit perfect inside the closet. We used the existing baskets to keep toys corralled on the shelves.

boys room redo storing dress up clothes

The finishing touches were adding some command hooks just above the chair rail to hang Judah’s dress up clothes on.  This keeps them within reach, tidy, and out of the floor!

I think the boys room turned out super cute with lots of very affordable organization pieces from Walmart that helped us stay in our budget!  Right now you can get lots of great kid’s decor on rollback! What organizational tips do you have for rooms where siblings share a space?



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Penne in Creamy Marinara Sauce

Spaghetti Night! For some it is a once a week thing, for others it may not be quite as frequent, but one thing is for sure: it is a favorite comfort food meal among most American families.  It is simple, delicious, and everyone has a favorite recipe. Maybe you like to labor over a big pot of sauce and simmer it all day long {there is nothing quite like that delicious smell lingering in the kitchen… garlic and onions, mmmm}.  Maybe you prefer to use a jarred sauce so that you can get a family dinner on the table super quick on a busy weeknight. Well, I’ve got a recipe you’re going to want to try.  Its a spin on this classic – and you can make your own by making your own sauce or by choosing the a jarred sauce, like Wild Oats organic marinara.

Creamy Marinara Pasta from WholesomeMommy.com

With just a couple of ingredients you can put together this creamy take on spaghetti marinara.  Choose whatever pasta shape you like but my favorite for this is Penne. Perfect little tubes for soaking up this dreamy sauce.  I bought these organic penne noodles at Walmart – you’ve probably heard me talk about Wild Oats before.  They’ve been expanding their assortment and now they’ve got dried spices, pasta, spaghetti sauce, chips, cookies, ketchup, canned vegetables, and lots of other staple items available.  I love that they are super affordable {not much more than their conventional counterparts}, making Organic food more attainable for everyone.

Creamy Marinara Penne Pasta from WholesomeMommy.com

Simple Quick Spaghetti Sauce Recipe _ From WholesomeMommy.com


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