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Spinach and Potato Breakfast Casserole

I made this breakfast casserole for my family while they were visiting. It was a great dish to feed and crowd and it was so delicious everyone kept going after more!  It will definitely be on my rotation more often!
Potato and Spinach Breakfast Casserole from WholesomeMommy.com

My favorite thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t rely on frozen potatoes.  I don’t usually have frozen hashbrowns lying around in my freezer but I do usually have a bag of fresh potatoes in my pantry.  Most of the recipes out there call for the frozen variety of potatoes and/or crescent roll dough.  I wanted a fresh tasting casserole and since I like in the boonies, I needed to be able to throw it together with ingredients I almost always have on hand. I don’t always have time to think ahead and need to be able to feed my family a healthy meal on the fly sometimes. This casserole certainly qualifies – as it is both hearty and healthy – not to mention delicious.



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Plum Organics Baby Food Review

Do you make your own baby food or purchase it?  If you purchase it are you particular about the ingredients and what’s in {or not in} your little one’s baby food?  I have been {and will be} very picky about my children’s first foods. Why?  Their little bodies don’t require as much fuel as ours so those small bites really count.

Plum Organics Baby Food from WholesomeMommy.com

That’s why I make my own baby food with organic ingredients. Most of the time, I blend up whatever we are eating.  It’s just what is easiest for me.  But, sometimes there are nights or circumstances that require me to use purchased baby food and when that happens my standards are still the same.

I always keep a few on hand just in case such as Plum Organics baby food pouches. They are affordable and available at Walmart {where I’m usually picking up my groceries any way, which makes it super convenient for me}.  The baby food pouches come in single food varieties called Just Fruits and Just Veggies, like “just prunes,” “just squash,” “just sweet potatoes,” and “just mangoes.” They also come in blends called Second Blends that are available in many varieties like the ones in my photo. All the food pouches are available online and/or in store at $1.38 each.

Plum Organics also has other toddler snacks for little ones who are learning their pincer grasp such as little cremes {a freeze dried fruit, veggie, and rice milk snack} and Super Puffs {a whole grain, fruit, and veggie cereal puff}. There are also a variety of teething wafers like the pumpkin banana ones here and fruit snacks called Teensy Fruits here.
Regardless of what you decide to try first, you can count on Plum Organics to always be organic and non-GMO.  They don’t use any artificial ingredients – EVER.


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