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Apple & Cranberry Crisp + 10 MORE Fall Recipes

Fall is here and everything pumpkin is on pinterest they say. But pumpkins aren’t the only seasonal produce to be had. Apples, squash, and sweet potatoes are some of my other favorites to stock up on now that the weather is turning from hot to a bit more crisp. If you’re on a hunt for ways to use the bounty that is in season this fall, look no further! I’ve got some yummy ones for you to try!

apple display at Walmart

First, be sure to scope out your local Walmart for some interesting apple varieties this fall.  Some of my favorites that I found this week were Sweet Tango, Fugis, and even organic varieties in bags!  They had a super cute display this week to get everyone excited about the change in season. Besides apples, there were other apple products from the bakery, caramel apples, stuff to make your own caramel apples, and even apple cider. I couldn’t resist rounding up the ingredients to make my own homemade caramel while I was there! YUM!


Here are some other fall recipes I can’t wait to make this season:

Apple Cranberry Crisp from WholesomeMommy

Need another recipe?  Here’s one I made just this week! Remember those Sweet Tango Apples I said I spotted at my local Walmart? Well, I brought a bag home and decided to put this little recipe together.  Super easy and quick, this makes a great dessert for a weeknight dinner with guests or just to surprise your sweet family. {Bonus points that it doesn’t require dirtying up a bunch of dishes to make, either}!


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Fun & Colorful Bedding To Update Your Bedroom Affordably

Have your kids crossed over from “baby” to “big kid?”  Are you looking for affordable bedding for your new big kid, a tween, or even a college student? Every parent knows setting up and decorating a new bedroom can break the bank. When you start considering all the needs {sheets, comforter, pillows, decor, and maybe even furniture} AND the wants of your kiddos you might start having visions of dollar bills flying out of your wallet while your kid is more likely to be excited about the process.  I just might have a solution for you.

Novogratz Bedding Rise and Shine Review from WholesomeMommy.com

Walmart just launched a new line of furniture and bedding called 9 by Novogratz. Are you familiar with the Novogratz family? They had a popular show on HGTV and now they are the brains behind this home line. It is super colorful with lots of fun and playful patterns.

One thing I have tried to do when choosing bedding for my own room and my children’s rooms is to pick something classic. I’m more likely to incorporate a child’s favorite colors, places, or things, and less likely to choose something UBER trendy or a cartoon character that the child will lose interest in.  That’s were this collection really wins for me.  Nothing overly trendy but still oozing with fun, your kids and teens are bound to love it and you will too – not only because it looks “cool” but because you’ll be able to keep some of that cash in your wallet. :)

Novogratz Option 1 with the throw pillow

This line offers beds in a bag – sizes from twin all the way up to king.  And, unlike some beds in a bag, this one really does include everything you need: top and fitted sheet, pillowcase, decorative sham, comforter, and even a decorative throw pillow were in this twin one called, “Rise and Shine” I received that is perfect for any “big girl” or even teen girl.  Prices vary depending on the size but range from about $89 to $110.

Novogratz Reversible Pillow - Review from WholesomeMommy.com

One thing I thought was neat was the inclusion of a throw/decorative pillow in the set.  Its reversible. The one I received had a contrasting solid color on one side and a fun pattern on the other.

But, the fun in the line isn’t all bedding. They also sale separates, more fun patterned pillows, and even furniture!  Go check it out. What’s your favorite piece?


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