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Enjoying Fall with a Nature Walk

If you have school children-aged children, are a crafter, or had a mother who was a sewer or crafter, you are probably familiar with the Fiskars brand of scissors. As a public school teacher, I bought MANY pairs of scissors for my students to use of the years and recommended the brand when parents were […]

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Kool Aid Watercolor Painting

The kids and I have been having a little fun around here.  We’ve been home looking for fun {and frugal} things to do that both kids can enjoy.  With a 4 year old and a almost 2 year old, sometimes that can be a challenge.  Eliana {the almost 2 year old} wants to do everything […]

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Valentine’s Clay Heart Magnets and Necklaces

Judah and I had so much fun making these little clay hearts for gifts for our family members and friends this Valentine’s Day.  They are really quite simple to make.  We gave ourselves plenty of time and did them across several days – one day to make and bake the clay hearts, one day to […]

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Kids Can Paint Like Jackson Pollock: Splatter Paint!

Judah and I had the best time the other day!  We did an unconventional art project that was such a hit with him and would be a hit with any kid – no matter what age, I believe.  What kids don’t like to splatter paint?  And, what is even better than splattering with a paint […]

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Creation Craft with Judah

Each week Judah and I learn a new Bible story.  Its been fun teaching him about the scriptures and hearing how his little boy brain makes sense of them. (: We usually do a project or two to help him understand the lesson and this was one I really had a great time with him […]

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