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Simple Kid Craft: Sponge Boats

Are your kids going to be on spring break soon?  It may be hard to believe since many of you are still weathering the snow!  But, spring break IS happening…and not everyone has the funds to jump in the car and hit the tropical locale. So, what’s a parent to do with all the kids […]

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Easy Clay Jewelry Craft for Kids – A Cabin Fever Buster

After all this cold and snowy weather we’ve had the kids and I decided to do a little crafting to help us cure our cabin fever.  Getting busy on a fun craft really helps pass the time for the kiddos and me! And, my kids are crazy about making crafts…especially if it involves play dough […]

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Kid Craft: Make You’re Own Wall Art Canvases

I am so excited about this little project.  It took us 1 afternoon and we had so much fun!  The cost for the canvas {DIY} was just $1.50! – To do the paint project, you’ll spend only $4 with tape & paint to spare for another project. Here’s what you’ll need a cheap 8×10 picture […]

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Kid Craft – Fun with a Cardboard Box – Fire Truck

Judah and I had a blast on this project! I’ve been wanting to make something cool out of a cardboard box for some time now… I’m weird like that. I finally settled on a fire truck and had been promising Judah for some time now. When we finally started the project, I had Judah paint […]

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Kid Craft: Bird House

Judah and I love to make things together and we make and do all sorts of things with scissors, glue, stickers, pipe cleaners, you name it. But, his favorite thing to do, by far, is paint. So, I decided on an easy painting project I knew a three year old could do: paint a bird […]

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Kid Craft: Rainbow Wind Sock

Judah and I enjoyed a quick art project the other day and I thought I would share it with you!  We made this wind sock with all materials we had on hand (and reused some items too!).  All you need is two pieces of sturdy card stock, some cotton balls, glue, a stapler (or some […]

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