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Simple, Homemade Spaghetti O’s

Do you kids love those canned spaghetti o’s {or maybe its you who has a secret love of spaghetti o’s}. Now you can have them – ahem – feed them to your kids without the worry about processed foods, preservatives, and artificial blech.  Plus, this recipe is SO simple and cheap to make! You’re going […]

REAL Food Redo – Homemade Cheese Crackers

Do your kids love cheese crackers?  You know the ones, they come in many shapes, sizes, and forms: goldfish, little squares, etc. You can eat them by the handfuls or box-fulls?  Have you read the ingredients?  Yeah. Me too. {Or maybe you’ve been avoiding it!}.  Besides the yucky ingredients label there is also the cost […]

Real Food Recipes: Homemade Bagels

I know this sounds like a daunting task, but you will be astonished at how easy these really are!  I know I was… and I am a beginner at breads and baking.  The whole deal takes around an hour and that includes baking time!  These are fun treat to make up and then enjoy for […]

Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup

Have you been trying your best to kick the processed foods out of your house? Are you a Southerner that likes your “cream of something” soup? I mean come on, there are about a gazillion recipes now days that call for at least one can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soup. […]

The Farmer’s Cookbook

As you know I like to think of myself as a “New Old-School Mom.”  I like the way things used to be when my grandmother was a girl – nice and slow with the family at the heart of everything you do.  They ate what was local, most of which they grew or made themselves. […]

Summer Snacks: Smoothies & Milkshakes

Summer is here and that means it is stinkin’ hot! LOL. Apparently that doesn’t slow down a toddler’s appetite though, so I’ve been trying a few old favorites and lots of new recipes for treats and snacks to keep Judah happy and the house cool! This week we mixed up a batch of homemade milk […]

Homemade Salad Dressings

It is summer and that means salads abound!  I love a delicious, crunchy salad using both some of the fresh produce from my mom’s garden and treasures I find from the local farmer’s markets that Judah and I have had fun browsing. What makes a bowl of  local gorgeous produce even tastier? A fresh salad […]

Summer Snacks: Homemade Caramel Corn

Summer is here and although I love to bake, I just can’t bring myself to crank the oven on very often.  But, Judah loves to snack so wholesome snacks are a must, so that called for me to do a little searching through my recipes to find delicious snacks that I can make without heating […]

Winter Dessert – Hot Chocolate Gone Cold!

Right now until 12/19 Walmart is running a special national price on Blue Bunny ice cream and ice cream sandwiches.  Both are just $2.98 and they are featuring some special limited edition holiday flavors including Spumoni and Perfectly Peppermint Premium Ice Cream & Christmas Cookie and Hot Cocoa Ice Cream Sandwiches. Here’s a cool way […]

Recipe: Homemade Scented Playdough

Judah is 21 months and he is in to everything!  He keeps me busy and his attention span is short!  He has toys and books and he will gladly build towers out of blocks, color in his coloring books, and sit and listen to me read his picture books.  But, it seems like we go […]

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