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Awaken The Sleeping Bride – Introduction

Over the course of the next several posts, I am going to be sharing a book that my mother wrote called “Awaken the Sleeping Bride.”   Introduction This book evolved through a personal journey with God.  As I began to lay myself open before the Lord, He began to reveal and peel away things in […]

Bibliography for Awaken the Sleeping Bride

Bibliography Barth, Edna. Holly, Reindeer, and Colored Lights. New York: Seabury Press, 1971. “Christmas.” World Book Encyclopedia. 1992. Coffin, Tristram Potter.  The Illustrated Book of Christmas Folklore. New York: The Seabury Press, 1973. Count, Earl W.  4000 Years of Christmas.  New York:  Rider And Company, 1953. Crippen, T. G.  Christmas and Christmas Lore.  Detroit: Omnigraphics, 1990. Chuvin, […]

Chapter 9 : You Shall You Shall Not Worship The Lord In That Way

You Shall You Shall Not Worship The Lord In That Way I hope that as you have read the previous chapters you have been able to grasp the depth of the deception the enemy has sewn into the very fabric of our customs, traditions and heritage.  Even the names of the months and days of […]

Chapter 8 : Uniting The One New Man

Uniting The One New Man The rejection of the Jewish roots has caused confusion about the date of Christ’s resurrection and made it unclear how Yeshua was the fulfillment of the Passover feast. It has also contributed to the separation of the Gentile and the Jew, preventing the Gentile Christian from witnessing the truth of […]

Chapter 7 : What Happened To The Lamb That Was Slain?

What Happened To The Lamb That Was Slain? The anti-semitism of the church, as previously discussed, contributed to what we know as “Easter” today, and why the church has adopted the various pagan customs rather than keeping the Passover feast.  The Christian church’s commemoration of the resurrection of Christ at the same time as Easter […]

Chapter 6 : What Does A Bunny Have to Do With The Cross?

Chapter 6 What Does A Bunny Have to Do With The Cross? Easter is the most important holiday of the church, intending to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus.  Sadly, pre-Christian customs originating from paganism have been assimilated into the present day traditions and practices, polluting the significance of the resurrection of Jesus. The Layman’s Bible Encyclopedia […]

Chapter 3 : Constantine I, Christian or Politician?

Chapter 3 Constantine I, Christian or Politician? Who was this emperor that Bishop Eusibius later wrote in his Ecclesiastical History of as “the most exalted person living” and “God’s dearly beloved”? The Bishop considered opposition to Constantine as opposition of God’s own (Manschreck, 31).  Constantine was born and educated in the Imperial Court.  His father, […]

Chapter 2 : Early Christianity in An Empirical Cult

Chapter 2 Early Christianity in an Empirical Cult Before going into the historical roots of the current holiday customs I want to lay down some foundational information regarding the history of the Christian movement that I hope will shed some light on how syncretism has been a ploy of Satan’s from the beginning.  A brief […]

Chapter 1 : My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge

Chapter 1 My People Perish For Lack of Knowledge All of us observe family rituals and traditions during the various holidays that have been passed on to us from our grandparents and their grandparents.  Have you ever wondered where the holiday customs you and your family observe originated?  It may surprise you to know that […]

Getting Ready for Guests – Tips to Make Them Feel Extra Special

How many of you are expecting guests in the coming weeks?  Have you been cleaning and sprucing up in anticipation of their arrival? When I know someone is coming to stay with my family I want them to have a great experience. I know I love the little extras when we go to stay somewhere […]

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