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Backyard Planters for Beginners {like me!}

The first thing that I have to do as soon as the weather starts to warm up is get my yard ready. We spend a weekend or two pressure washing the house and the porches, cleaning the patio furniture, planting new plants in the planters, weeding, killing ant beds, and of course mowing the yard […]

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A Simple Planter Makes a Statement on a Neglected Front Porch

I’ve been planting, watering, weeding, and LEARNING my little heart {and hands, legs, and BACK} off already this spring.  But, most of my efforts have been centered on growing food with organic methods.  My poor ol’ front porch was bare and not very inviting.  I finally have everything finished up in the back and now […]

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Review of Black and Decker Garden Tools

We’ve been having fun growing some of our own food this spring/summer.  The kids are just the right age that they can come outside with me, follow me around, and even help a bit.  Judah loves to water the plants with our long handled Black and Decker sprayer hose attachment.   I love it because that […]

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Summer Time is HERE!!

Did everyone have a fabulous long weekend for Memorial Day!?  I had a great time!  We spent some much needed time together as a family and even were blessed to see my husband’s parents from out of town.  We grilled out quite a bit, but more than that, my husband and his dad spent a […]

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