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Affordable Soccer Gear for Family Fun

Are your kiddos playing soccer?  Soccer is a favorite among the little ones and it is great exercise!  My youngest played baseball {tot ball} for the first time this spring and we were really looking forward to playing soccer this fall since he enjoyed baseball so much.  But, the youngest league here is for 5 […]

Don’t Forget to Purchase Your Tickets…

Disney on Ice,”World’s of Fantasy,” is coming to Gwinnett Center May 1st – 5th.  And, I don’t know about you, but this show is going to THRILL my children.  Our favorite show to date was a Disney on Ice show for Toy Story 3. This show has all the right story lines for my tots.  […]

GingerBread Man Hide and Seek

Some of you may have already spent time during the holidays making gingerbread men (and women) with your kiddos during the holiday break.  BUT, if you didn’t no sweat!  It’s not too late.  Wintertime means staying inside – sometimes more than we would like!  But, it can mean more time for indoor projects – like […]

Teaching My Toddler about Daniel and Lions’ Den

My family has been researching and learning about our Jewish roots as Christians for several years now.  As a family with young children we’ve had to decide what we want for our children and how we should impart our faith into them.  It has been a learning curve and I don’t have it all figured […]

Disney on Ice – Rockin’ Ever After in Atlanta!!

There is a new Disney on Ice show coming to Atlanta at the Philips Arena – Rockin’ Ever After.  This show features acts from the movies Brave, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Tangled. You can jam to a Scottish jig as a group of royal contenders from the latest Disney•Pixar film, BRAVE, […]

Creation Craft with Judah

Each week Judah and I learn a new Bible story.  Its been fun teaching him about the scriptures and hearing how his little boy brain makes sense of them. (: We usually do a project or two to help him understand the lesson and this was one I really had a great time with him […]

Sesame Street Live – Elmo’s Super Heroes

Sesame Street Live is coming to Atlanta {the Philips Arena} September 8th – September 11th.  The show is titled, “Elmo’s Super Heroes.” and I couldn’t be more pumped!  Last year we took Judah to see Disney on Ice and we were amazed at how mesmerized he was by the show!  That was his first experience […]

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