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A Few Deals I’m excited about this week!

I don’t ususally share deals but there are so many this week that have me down right giddy I can’t help but share them with you! First, Earth Fare has a coupon (good through Sunday, 6/19/11) for $1 a box for Earth Fare Cereal and Organic bananas $0.25 a pound! That is unheard of even […]

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Grocery Trip: Earth Fare

Many of you have emailed me to ask why I don’t post my grocery trips anymore and if I would please start posting again because it was helpful to you.  I had no idea you enjoyed this post.  So, if you are one of those readers who enjoys seeing what I’m buying on a weekly […]

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My Whole Food Journey 3.22.10

Last week I described the differences in conventional, grass-fed, grass-finished, and pastured beef. I told you that this week I would be doing a check-in with you to let you know how I’m doing on my $65 per week budget. This way, I can share some tips with you and keep myself accountable. So, here’s […]

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Organic Grocery Price Comparison – Part 2

I’ve been doing a little experiment … My family is making changes to eat more whole foods. We’ve also decided to purchase some of our foods organic. We also have a grocery budget to work with – and stick to. So, that meant determining where I’d get the biggest bang for my buck when purchasing […]

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Organic Grocery Price Comparison – Part 1

So, if you’ve been following this blog you already know that I am making some changes in the types of products I am buying. We are buying healthier/whole foods and making the switch to organic on certain things including dairy, meat, eggs, and produce on the “dirty dozen” list. So last week I went to […]

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