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Fresh Pear and Pineapple Greek Yogurt Crepes

These crepes are a healthy, summer breakfast to start your weekend!  I really love making crepes because you can fill them with so many different fillings.  When I make crepes everyone is happy because they can have whatever they want – and everyone can have something different without any trouble at all. We fill them […]

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Wholesome Fast Food: Chocolate Crepes with Peanut Butter and Honey

Need something new to spice up your breakfast routine?   I’ve got something that packs a protein punch, will be loved by your sweet tooth {or sweet toothed children}, and is fast enough {and portable enough} for you to snag on your way out the door to the office or taking the kids to school. Don’t […]

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Recipe: PB&J Crepes

Last week I was “watching” Food Network.  We leave it on that channel when no one is really watching T.V. around here!  Sometimes I’m half way listening and I’ll catch a recipe that really sounds good and my ears will perk up and I’ll take note.  That is what happened on this particular day.  Giada […]

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Strawberry and Nutella Crepes

My son loves waffles and pancakes and I make many different variations including ones with chocolate chips, nuts, or fresh fruit folded into the batter.  We also like them topped with maple syrup, fresh fruit syrup, and peanut butter for a quick way to enjoy them while running out the door! I don’t know why […]

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