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Chapter 6 : What Does A Bunny Have to Do With The Cross?

Chapter 6 What Does A Bunny Have to Do With The Cross? Easter is the most important holiday of the church, intending to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus.  Sadly, pre-Christian customs originating from paganism have been assimilated into the present day traditions and practices, polluting the significance of the resurrection of Jesus. The Layman’s Bible Encyclopedia […]

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A Look at Sukkot Observance in the Old Testament

The directions on how to observe Sukkot is mentioned in the old testament in four different locations: The first is Exodus 23:14-19  This is part of the book of the covenant.  This is just after the people had heard the voice of Yahuah speak the ten commandments at the foot of the mount and they […]

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Bible Study : Genesis 1 : Creation

I am VERY excited to start this journey today. To pour out my heart, share what I’ve been learning, and give you a peek into what I’ve immersed myself in lately.  But first, let’s get this out of the way – There is NOT ONE THING by man’s standards that qualifies me to lead this […]

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What I’ve Been Reading & Watching This Week 9.5.16

I thought you might find it helpful to have a place to plop your own learning this week. So, about once per week I will compile a list of links to some articles, posts, podcasts, and videos I’ve been reading, watching, & listening to so you can see what I’ve been soaking in and then […]

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I’m Back … With a New Goal and Vision

Have you missed me?  Its been MONTHS since I last wrote here.  Let me explain… I’ve been blogging now for 8 years. EIGHT YEARS!! That makes me a blogging dinosaur.  But for the past few months life got busy and my heart wasn’t in it. I had to step away. There have been many changes […]

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Creation Craft with Judah

Each week Judah and I learn a new Bible story.  Its been fun teaching him about the scriptures and hearing how his little boy brain makes sense of them. (: We usually do a project or two to help him understand the lesson and this was one I really had a great time with him […]

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