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Summer Peach Coffee Cake

Its summer time! And, for a very short time we can eat all the fresh fruit we want!!  If you’re trying to cut out processed foods and eat more real foods, fruit is like nature’s candy and the summer fruits are some of the sweetest!  There is nothing better than a juicy, sweet peach dripping off your chin!  My kids have been gobbling down the organic peaches and nectarines like they are going out of style!  Its fun to watch them enjoy fruits that they’ve forgotten about – its a lot like trying things for the first time all over again!

Summer Peach coffee Cake from WholesomeMommy.com

Once you’ve had your fill of fresh peaches {can one ever have too many?}, be sure to get enough to put some of them up in the freezer so you can have a bit of summer in the cold and dark winter.  I just slice them up and put them in quart bags for cobblers, pies, and coffee cakes like this one. They are also really yummy just thawed out and eaten plain when the fresh fruit is sparse in the winter.

Just a reminder that you should look for organic when searching for stone fruits {anything with a hard “stone” pit in the middle}. Peaches and nectarines are part of the dirty dozen and cherries and plums only rank marginally better to escape placement on the dirty dozen list. {See the list here}.

If you are lucky enough to find organic peaches at your local Walmart, be sure to snag them up! And, if organic is out of your price range {or you can’t find them}, consider buying local at the very least.   Domestic nectarines {in lieu of imported} are actually one of the cleanest fruits as far as stone fruits go {they rank #19 on the dirty dozen list}. Nectarines taste very similar to peaches and would work just as wonderfully in this recipe!

And, lucky for us, Walmart has been carrying a lot more local produce!  Plus you’ll have the advantage of their 100% fresh guarantee when it comes to produce. If it doesn’t meet your freshness standards you can take it back, without a hitch.

Peach Coffee Cake from wholesomeMommy.com

Now on to my coffee cake – you aren’t going to want to delay making this yummy cake. We baked it up one evening and then enjoyed it for a couple days as breakfast with a big glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee. It sure did make mornings simple {and delicious} for a while!

Summer Peach Coffee Cake Photo from WholesomeMommy.com


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