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Stock Up on Real Food Breakfasts for Rushed Weekday Mornings – How to Freeze Waffles

Stock up on Quick Wholesome Breakfasts From WholesomeMommy.com

Weekday morning can be hectic! I HATE getting up early and you can be sure my brain isn’t going to be at its peak performance so I have a few things in place to help myself so I can get my kids fed a wholesome meal and ready before school.

One thing I like to do is have quick breakfast options so that making breakfast is a cinch and requires no planning ahead the night before or much preparation the morning of!  One thing I don’t keep in the house is cold cereal, so I need to have other options and I like to have a filling warm breakfast for my kiddos before sending them off.  They enjoy oatmeal and I prepare it many different ways, toast is also a good option – especially with peanut butter, raw honey, some raw cheddar cheese melted over the top, or some grass fed butter with cinnamon and sugar.  But, waffles are by far a favorite with my kiddos.

Waffles are easy enough to make – but not easy enough {or quick enough} for me to whip up on  a Monday morning at 6:30 am.  So, I make a HUGE batch on a weekend morning and they’ll last three or four weeks when we rotate them with other options like the ones I mentioned above.

Just like store bought waffles from the freezer section, these are easy to prepare on a weekday morning – just pull them out of the freezer, place them in the toaster oven, and serve with a little warm maple syrup or even a good spread of peanut butter.  But, unlike the store bought waffles from the freezer section these cost pennies to make and are made with CLEAN, REAL food ingredients – no hard to pronounce chemical “food like” ingredient list a mile long.

Place wax paper in between each layer of waffles to keep them from sticking together when freezing

The trick to making them freezer friendly is to place them in between wax paper.  I just pull out a LONG sheet of wax paper, then I place on waffle on top on the end.  Then, I weave the wax paper over the waffle, stack another waffle on top, and then fold the wax paper back over the top again – repeating over and over until I have a nice tall stack of waffles with wax paper in between each one.  Then, I shove the whole stack into a gallon ziploc bag and throw it into the freezer.  Sometimes I put up two bags at a time.

When I make these for freezing, I usually double this recipe. It is enough to make about 16 waffles in my waffle iron when I make a double recipe. Of course, this will vary depending on how big your waffle iron is so you’ll need to decide how much to make – but this recipe is VERY easily doubled, tripled, and I’ve even done a double + a half recipe! You really can’t go wrong!

I’d love to hear your experiences if you make this recipe too! Let me know what you did and how you liked them!  My family loves to have them with maple syrup or if it is the weekend I’ll sometimes make a quick blueberry syrup or strawberry sauce.

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  1. Made these this morning’ they were so good. I doubled the recipe because my girls always eat so many.

  2. Lori Morgan says:

    These honey granules may be my new favorite product. Thanks for introducing them to me!

  3. Hello,
    I have a question for you… I was looking at the article on Maple Syrup and wanted to ask… how do you distinguish the difference between grade A and grade B syrups besides by price comparison?

    Sue T.

  4. I have issues with dairy, so I tried this recipe with Earth Balance whipped spread in place of butter and unsweetened vanilla almond milk in place of regular milk. It turned out wonderfully–so well I threw together 2 more batches to freeze!

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