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Real Food Remake: Cheesy Tuna Casserole

tuna casserole 2

Everybody has had at least one tuna casserole in their lifetime. Most recipes call for some type of canned “cream of something soup” or a box of macaroni and cheese. I’ve got a recipe made with wholesome, real-food ingredients. No processed ingredients here.

One reason the tuna casserole has been on meal plans for so long is because it is a quick and easy meal you can slap together and feed your family quickly.  It is also a very frugal meal to serve a family.

That’s where this recipe is exactly like the processed food counterparts – it can be made quickly, cheaply, and will please even the pickiest members of your family.

tuna casserole

It is easy to tailor this recipe to the palates of your family.  You can mix it all up and pour it into one big 9×11 casserole dish, or pour them up in individual serving sized ramekins.  I have one child, Judah, who will NOT eat peas.  So, I pour up one serving before I add the peas to the rest.  Then, everyone gets it exactly the way they love it.

However you make it up, you will not be disappointed – this tuna casserole kills the competition.  AND, you can feel good about this quick go to meal – no food dyes, no high sodium, and you can pronounce ALL the ingredients. ;)


Tuna Casserole wih cheesy mac

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  1. Ok, my tuna-hater (yes, the same as my bean-hater, yes, I pray for his future wife often) gave this a 7 1/2-8! I doubled the mac & cheese recipe but not the peas or tuna. Hubby requested double tuna and peas next time :)

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