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REAL Food Remake: Buffalo Chicken Calzone

Everybody likes a little “junk” food now and then. But, what I love is when I can turn “junk food” favorites into better for you REAL foods. All the same flavors – with better for you ingredients/no chemicals. While this recipe sounds like pub food it is actually made with healthy whole wheat, antibiotic free/humanely raised chicken, and organic, raw mozzarella cheese.

Buffalo chicken Calzone

Do you love buffalo chicken?  I am CRAZY about it. Spicy and addictive. Even better when wrapped up in pizza dough. :) You might even think of this as a kind of “hot pocket” but without all those unreadable ingredients and the stomach ache! LOL.  Buffalo sauce is a little bit spicy so if your kids have timid taste buds you might keep a bit of the chicken out and make a smaller calzone with just ranch and chicken. OR, you could just pull a piece of the dough aside and make a small cheese pizza. It’s easy to modify for littles when pizza dough and chicken are involved. :)

Buffalo Chicken Calzone from WholesomeMommy.com


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  1. This sounds delicious! Thank you! I have been reading and learning a lot about your blog. It is a lot of wonderful info that you share and I am so grateful. I have a question about the ranch dressing you use in this recipe for your family. What do you prefer? Do you make your own? What is a healthy ranch that we can use and feel good about using? Thank you for all of the time and work that you do!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      For now this is a sore subject with me! LOL. I like the ranch in a packet {the dry mix}. It still isn’t perfect. It doesn’t contain High fructose corn syrup like most of the bottled versions, but some of the ingredients are still lackluster. I have experimented making my own but haven’t found one that is good. I have one last hope that I am going to try. If it turns out you will begin seeing it in future meal plans. :)

  2. First of all, I love what you are doing for other people with your healthy whole foods approach, your recipes, tips, etc. Cooking from scratch is so much healthier and cost effective! I also love what you are doing with your food stamp meal planning. However, there is so much bread on the food stamp budget menu (every night for dinner, tortillas, pancakes, waffles, etcetera) that it is chock full of carbs and not very healthy. It seems like there aren’t enough ingredients for real portions, so you fill up on bread. I love what you are doing and I know how hard it is to stretch dollars but it seems more protein and fresh fruits and vegetables are needed.

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Yes, animal proteins are high in cost- but proteins aren’t just meat. Beans, peanut butter, and eggs also are proteins – and healthy proteins at that. Also, whole wheat – especially when milled from fresh wheat berries is a very healthy addition to the diet. I worked diligently to squeeze in extra fruit and veggies this time around and I think if you compare month 1 to month 2 you’ll see that. It is winter time and seasonal {and thus more afforable AND healthy} produce isn’t as varied as it will be in the spring and summer. You can most certainly add more fruits and veggies as your budget allows.

  3. I also wanted to add that I couldn’t do half as well as you are doing and I understand that all of the breads, etc are so much healthier than all of the processed foods at the store.

  4. Janice Overcash says:

    cant wait to try some of these,they sound so good thank you

  5. I plan to make the calzone into smaller portions instead of one big one. It’s only my 5 year old daughter (who doesn’t want the buffalo sauce with hers) and I and I was figuring it would be less messy in a smaller portion and that it would be good to pull out of the freezer for lunch one day. Do you know if they freeze and/or reheat well?

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