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REAL Food Redo – Homemade Cheese Crackers

Do your kids love cheese crackers?  You know the ones, they come in many shapes, sizes, and forms: goldfish, little squares, etc. You can eat them by the handfuls or box-fulls?  Have you read the ingredients?  Yeah. Me too. {Or maybe you’ve been avoiding it!}.  Besides the yucky ingredients label there is also the cost factor. ESPECIALLY if you are buying the “organic” ones or a brand with more recognizable ingredients.  Want to know a secret?  Homemade ones, made with normal ingredients {REAL cheddar cheese even!} aren’t hard to make and don’t take a terribly long time to make either. Aren’t you excited!

REAL FOOD redo - Cheese Crackers

In fact, these little babies are super easy to make if you own a food processor.  But, even if you don’t, I’ve got a solution! So read on!

First off, if you are following my REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget series, you’re going to see them pop up as a frugal snack solution.  If you are a busy mama who thinks you don’t have time for making things, I suggest you find one day…just one day that you are committed to making a couple things your family can enjoy during the week. You can even make them as a family. It can be fun.  My kids loved pressing out the cheese crackers with the little shark cutter we used.

Add these crackers to your “kitchen work day” routine and you’ll have enough to enjoy all week.  If you’ve got big kids with big appetites you’re going to want to double this recipe…they are addictive. :)

Real Food Redo - Cheese Crackers for WholesomeMommy.com


If you don’t have a food processor, you can follow the steps in this video.  YES, I realize this video is about making PIE dough without food processor.  This dough is identical to pie dough – but with cheese added. It will work! {All of you without food processors – rejoice!}.

It will be a bit more work though, so if you have a birthday coming up – ask for a food processor. I’m also sharing a recipe for chocolate graham crackers that taste like brownies…you are so going to want a food processor – because you’re going to want to make both of these types of crackers OFTEN.  They really are THAT good.

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  1. These look so good I’m going to make them right now! What’s the oven temp and time?

  2. Louise Webster says:

    Ive been looking for a savoury biscuit recipe. . How ling will they last in a air tight container?

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Louise Webster,
      Mine lasted about a week before we gobbled them all up. So, at least a week. ;) They were just as fresh as the day I made them when I ate the last of them. So, maybe a bit longer. They didn’t last longer than a week around here!

  3. Thanks for the recipe, only can you tell me how much does a ‘stick’ of butter weigh?

  4. These look awesome! Just wondering how you store these and how long they last before “going bad.” I assume they don’t last as long as store bought crackers in the kitchen cupboard…? Thanks! :-)

  5. these are delicious. better than cheesits!

  6. Thanks for all of the great whole food recipes on your blog! My kids and I made these crackers yesterday and they gobbled them up. After they had cooled completely, I stored them in a glass mason jar overnight and today they were very soft- they had lost all of their crunch. Have you ever had this problem? What have you had success storing your homemade crackers in? Thanks!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      I stored them in a jar too. But, here’s a tip you might try: put a slice of bread with the crackers – it will evaporate any humidity that makes them soft.
      Wholesome Mommy

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