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Honey Oat and Wheat Sandwich Bread

This is it. The bread the changed things for my family. I NEEDED a sandwich loaf. I mean Artisan bread is gloriously easy and we make it often. I always keep some in the fridge to whip together a loaf to go with soup or pasta. But, while Artisan bread is quite tasty, it doesn’t meet the requirements for what we Americans have deemed “loaf bread.” you can’t really slice it up and layer it with mayo, cheese, and lunch meat. You could always eat like a Frenchman or woman and have a hunk of bread with a bit of cheese and meat on the side. OR, you can make this bread and eat a good ol’ sandwich. :)

Oatmeal and Wheat Sandwich Bread from WholesomeMommy.com

I mill my own wheat flour. It is healthy and can actually be a part of the road to wellness if you suffer from colon problems. This bread isn’t TOTALLY whole wheat though – it is a mixture. I’m okay with that since the rest of our bread products {tortillas, artisan bread, pancakes, waffles, english muffins, bagels, etc} ARE made totally out of freshly ground whole wheat flours. I’ll make an exception for this loaf so that we can have a good ol’ grilled cheese. And, while making it with whole wheat would be better health wise, this is another case of better over best. This is BETTER for my families health then buying ANY store bought bread {it is also tastier}. Best would be for-go the sandwiches and stick with one of the other lovely wheat breads we make. But sometimes…you gotta have a sandwich. :)

OAtmeal and Wheat Sandwich Bread from WholesomeMommy.com

If you aren’t milling your own wheat, and you’d like to stick with AP flour, you can. substitute the wheat for AP – that would bring the AP flour total to 3 cups.  Enjoy! You WILL NOT be disappointed.

To get a more perfect slice like you see on store bought bread, it helps to use an electric knife. There are many affordable ones on Amazon. :)

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  1. Have you tried a GF baking mix in this recipe? Just curious if it’s possible to make sandwich bread GF.

  2. I am new to the site, so maybe you have an opinion that I’m unaware of BUT have you tried this in the bread machine? I usually have the machine make the dough, then bake the bread in the oven, but I was wondering how that would work with this particular recipe.

    • I made the dough in my bread maker then let it rise and finished in the oven. It turned out great!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      I don’t have a bread machine so I can’t tell you how it will work on this particular recipe, but I am familiar with the idea of having the bread machine do the work for you on the dough cycle. It usually works lovely and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on this particular recipe.

  3. My family is going to try and eat more real foods… and one of the challenges we have found is bread. I have just found your site and this recipe that I’ll be anxious to try (it’s snowing today and just might have the right ingredients).

  4. Andrea Castaneda says:

    Can I substitute whole wheat flour instead of white wheat?
    It’s what I have on hand already…. & if yes, will I use same amt as recipe?

    • Denisesawyer says:

      My white wheat is fresh milled, I would back down a bit on bagged whole wheat flour – perhaps by 1/2 a cup so that the dough isn’t too dry.
      Wholesome Mommy

  5. Erin Thiele says:

    LOVE this! Made it the other day and even the husband is a fan. And no white sugar. Thank you!
    What is your recommendation for storage? I’m currently using a bread bag from a previous store-bought loaf, but because of the honey crust on this, the bag is already kind of sticky.

  6. Wanted to mention, I have been making my own bread for about a year now. Made this recipe this week and it really is a great sandwich bread! Even my picky 4 year old grandson ate it without argument!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Glad to hear it!
      Thanks for taking time to leave your feedback about the recipes. It is so helpful to me and to others.
      Wholesome Mommy

  7. Do you know if there is anything wrong with using freshly ground soft white wheat instead of hard white? In past recipes I have found that I can usually use all whole wheat if I use soft white instead of hard white. But now I am wondering if perhaps soft white is not as healthy? Hopefully not, since I have three big buckets of wheat berries!

    • Ugh! I just thought about it myself and realized that the soft white is for non-yeast pastry items. Never mind. I was thinking about hard red versus hard white. I can usually use all whole wheat with hard white.

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