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Frugal Video Tip: Cutting Chicken Breasts to Get 2 portions from 1 Chicken Breast

If you’ve been following my REAL food on a Food Stamp Budget series, you should have your meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists all in hand. The first week, on Friday, I have a BBQ chicken breast dinner planned.  Now, boneless chicken breast can be pretty pricey, especially when you are buying organic or antibiotic free, humanely raised, and vegetarian fed. {Watch my other video here about how to choose the BEST chicken for your dollar}.

Real Food on aBudget Video Tip

So, to make the meat stretch I have a little trick I do. It isn’t hard, and you may already be doing it yourself.  If not, you’re going to love how much this tip saves your hard earned dollar.

A serving of chicken is about 3 oz, or the size of a deck of cards {according to the USDA, “choose my plate”}.  Chicken breasts are so large these days, they are MUCH larger than a deck of cards. I’m not suggesting that we COULDN’T eat more, but that a healthy portion is actually much less than the whole thing.

But, if you are like me, eating can be psychological.  If a giant chicken breast is on my plate, I’ll be tempted to eat the whole thing, even if it is more than I should eat. But, eating is also visual and I want to see the whole chicken breast {again, mind games} and this solution looks no different.  You can even do this when you are having dinner guests. You unsuspecting guests won’t know you used your frugal ninja skills to save {more than a few} bucks.

Be sure to make other healthy veggies, fruits, and grains and this chicken will be the perfect size for any adult.

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  1. CJ Nelson says:

    Still do not have meal plans, grocery lists and recipes from you for SNAP series. Please e-mail them to me.

  2. Perfect! I think that you just butterflied it whilst cutting all the way through? I will try it and see if one fills my boys up :) It ought to at least slow them down ;)

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Yes! I hesitated to call it butterflying because you leave the breast connected but you are absolutely correct! :)

  3. I can’t seem to find the meal plans and the grocery lists. Help!!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      If you are mobile here is a direct link. http://www.feedblitz.com/f/f.fbz?Sub=925950&ajax=4
      Insert your email and submit. Then you will receive a confirmation email that will have a link in it you will need to click to confirm your subscription. As soon as you do that, you’ll immediately get another email with ALL the meal plans. :)

  4. I’ve been using this trick for a while. It makes it a whole lot easier to grill the chicken because it is not too thick in some parts and thin in others.

  5. If the chicken is partially frozen in the middle it makes it easier to cut in half. I know if I try to do this with completely thawed chicken I get one huge half and one thin lopsided piece.

  6. i subscribed and confirmed my email but have not received the meal plans or anything from the SNAP series. Did i do something wrong?

  7. I discovered your site recently and wanted to tell you that I like this idea of stretching chicken breasts. I used this trick and was happy that I could have more chicken to go around. I agree that chicken breasts portions are too big, and cutting them in half length-wise is a brilliant idea. Thanks for the info.

  8. Noelle CZ says:

    Hi, I subscribed to the site and have been looking in my junk mail since last night but still no food plan. Would you mind sending it to me?
    A grateful mom :)

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