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Egg Roll Mania!

My mom makes fantastic egg rolls.  They are a little bit of work so we don’t have them too often.  They are kind of reserved for a treat so we make them at special times when we are off from work and together with family and friends.  New Years is typically a time we might have them.

But recently I found two new ways to use those egg roll wrappers and I’m thrilled with the results!  These recipes as super simple – one doesn’t even require any special rolling technique and they are both keepers…

Image Credit: Can You Stay For Dinner?

These are Chicken Parmesan Wraps and they make a fantastic quick lunch or dinner if you’ve got some left over chicken and some leftover marinara or you happen to have some homemade sauce ready and waiting in the freezer like I do.  The ingredients include some fresh spinach, shredded chicken, some mozzarella, and some marinara sauce. All wrapped in an egg roll wrapper they are crispy , deliciousness!  Get the recipe here.

Image Credit: Miss In the Kitchen

And, I saved the best for last… because who doesn’t love apple pie …fried.  The idea is so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it!  Fried apple pies are delicious and I love to get them when I can find them at our local craft fairs here in the south – homemade by some sweet little ol’ southern lady.  They are the best!  These egg roll wrapped apple pies are just as delicious and so easy!  The egg roll wrapper makes a fantastic crispy crust.  I’ve already made them twice!  Definitely a must try!  Get the recipe here.

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