How I Use My Essential Oils on a Typical Day

Day In The Life of an Oiler With Border

Many of you have expressed interest in how I use the essential oils I talk about on the Facebook page. I’ve written a few posts about specific uses for some of the oils in my own “arsenal.” But, today I want to share with you just a typical day with essential oils. I use the [...]

Homemade Nourishing Face Cream – For All Skin Types

Homemade Nourishing Face Cream From

I have tried a lot of face creams in my thirty-something years. Before I became a label reader I used lot of the brands found at the local big box store or drug store. I also tried many from my local Avon lady and a friend who sold Mary Kay. I even tried several lotions [...]

Dinosaur Bath Bombs – Healthy Fun

Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs for kids - from

Are you looking for a simple and fun gift to give some kiddos you know?  These dinosaur bath bombs are so easy you could make a batch with your kids to give to friends OR make a batch yourself during nap time, to give your own kids!  But there is even more magic in these [...]

Overcoming the Obstacles of Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning on a Budget From

As a family we have made an STRONG effort to kick chemicals out or home for the last 3 years.  During that time, I have had a BIG learning curve to overcome as well as trouble finding products to replace the toxic ones that STILL WORK.  I’ve tried MANY brands – and at times, spared [...]

Why I Use Homemade Toothpaste – Update


I know, you just read that title and said, “What the heck!?”  “She is officially a hippie.”  Its okay if you thought it, my husband lovingly calls me one too. When I told him I felt like we needed to switch toothpastes due to some of the articles I’ve been reading about wellness and health, [...]

Chemical Free Cleaning on the Cheap!

Chemical Free Cleaning on the Cheap

Have you kicked the chemicals out of your home? Are you spending an arm and a leg on chemical free or “green” cleaners? Yeah. I used to too. And, then I’d still worry about whether or not the house was REALLY clean. Did it kill the germs on the toilet? Will the clothes SMELL clean? [...]

Fun Chemical Free “Jelly Soap” for Kids

Jelly Soap

Looking for something fun to do with you kids?  Judah and I had so much fun making this “jelly” soap made from all natural, chemical free ingredients! It is wiggly and jiggly just like Jell-O.  So much fun to play with and it makes a great sudsy soap for washing up too! My kids LOVE [...]

Haircolor without Harmful Chemicals at Banana Tree Organic Salon

banana tree

I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful people at Banana Tree Organic Salon in Chattanooga, TN.  Not far from my home, this salon is the closest thing this mama can get to a day at a luxury spa.  That is just exactly how it felt – like being at a spa, a moment all [...]

Homemade Chemical Free Detergent in 5 minutes

laundry detergent 2

Homemade laundry detergent is nothing new. There are TONS of recipes online. Each time I saw a recipe though, I would guffaw at the thought of making my own laundry detergent.  It seemed absurd to me the length of time and energy people put into making their own to save money.  I just wasn’t willing [...]

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