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A Review: Better Homes & Gardens Cookware

Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Set

I had the opportunity to review this 10 piece Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware set thanks to Better Homes and Gardens & Walmart, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me! (I like to think God is working in mysterious ways to answer all my needs).  We’ve been using the same pots and pans that were given to us as a wedding present for the last nine and half years.  Last time my grandmother came to visit she told my mom that I didn’t have any pots to cook with!  I did have a few, just not many!  I had a couple of saucepans and two stainless steel skillets along with a big stockpot.  But, they were so worn out!  They had black plastic handles and every time I cooked with the biggest saucepan I could smell plastic burning!  It was the pot’s handle getting hot – and that was when my range was on low!  So, needless to say, these pots and pans came – and not a minute too soon!

When we built our house about three years ago I had only a few things I requested (and begged for, and researched every minute of spare time I had).  One of them was my Viking range top.  I saved up all my pennies for a while for this one.  But, I knew it would be a worthwhile investment.  I was only 25 when we began building the house and I plan to stay here my whole life.  I also love to cook – and it is a good thing, because when you live in the boonies like I do, you have to!  I cook every night of the week most weeks and I prepare breakfast and lunch for little bit and myself every day.  And, I entertain quite a bit.  Cooking is an expression of love for me.

So, I got the range top just as I requested, but my old pots and pans just had to do.  I couldn’t see replacing them until they needed to be replaced.  Well, that time has come and these pots and pans are fantastic!  My mom said I needed to get some restaurant quality cookware because of my industrial looking range top.  And, I agreed that they needed to be heavy duty to hold up to the high heat.  I was skeptical that these pots and pans from Better Homes & Gardens would be able to hold up and honestly I expected them to be a little flimsy – I mean how good can cookware be from a big box store like Walmart, right?  Well, I was more than surprised (and pleased) to find out these pots and pans are heavy!  I mean, mama is getting an upper body workout lifting these things from stove to dishwasher to cabinet!  And, the heavier the pot the better – or at least that is what the chefs say.

I love that the handles of the pots and pans do not get hot, even after they have been cooking on the stove for some time.  The pot gets hot, but the handle stays cool.  That isn’t true for most of my other pans, so that is a major plus to me – no pot holders necessary!  I also love that the pans have glass lids.  My old pots and pans lids weren’t made of glass.  I like that I can see my food cooking (this is especially handy with rice).

Really, for the price ($149.00 at Walmart) you can’t beat this cookware.  It is chef quality for a rock bottom price – and who doesn’t love that?  So, even if you aren’t a chef, but you want to feel like one this is your cookware.  If you are in the market for some new cookware (have you had the same old stuff since marriage too?) or if you know a newlywed couple and are feeling generous, I highly recommend this cookware.  That is honest to goodness and this is coming from a mama that cooks daily and has used all kinds. =)

See my video review here, but promise not to stare at my hair (I’m long overdo for a cut!) LOL.

This is a sponsored post.  I received these pots and pans for review only from BetterHomes and Gardens and Walmart because of my participation in the Walmart Moms program!  Participation was voluntary.  The opinions here are my own, they always are.  I’m a honest gal!

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