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Veggie Packed Refried Rice

This refried rice is keeping a REAL food secret.  Shhh. Don’t tell you’re kids, but this yummy kid friendly dish is PACKED with “nutritiousness.” There are some yummy scrambled eggs involved and LOTS of wholesome veggies.  And, you’ll never guess one veggie I used…RADISHES.

Veggie Packed Refried Rice from WholesomeMommy.com

Yep. Radishes.  Before this little experiment I had only eaten radishes raw.  They are know for their spicy, peppery flavor – great on salads, salsas, and even on top of tacos, but not your typical “kid friendly” veggie.  So, I decided to try something new – cooking them.  I received a couple packs of these Dandy Radish MiniSticks from Duda Farms and decided to saute them in just a bit of real, organic butter.  I tasted them to see how they might have changed. Typically veggies mellow when you roast them and that was the idea behind this dish.

Using my two kids as the “guinea pigs,” I knew they would turn their noses up to raw radishes. They are total wimps when it comes to spicy or peppery foods.  So, honestly, that’s why we haven’t really eaten many radishes before now.  It was really exciting to me to find a new way to prepare this vegetable where my kids would actually eat it!   I’m always looking for ways to get my kids to eat more veggies.  They are pretty good about eating vegetables but they tend to stick to a few that they like and can be anxious about trying new things.

Radish MiniSticks

I should have taken my own advice much earlier! I am always saying that if you don’t like it one way, don’t give up, try another method. That’s exactly how I got my husband to try veggies when we were first married and he was a meat and potatoes guy!  Now he’ll eat nearly anything.

The radishes really mellowed and lost their peppery flavor when cooked. So, if you like the “pepperiness” then keep to a raw preparation, but if you are trying to get your finicky kids to try new things, maybe cooking them could be the ticket!

WholesomeMommy.com Veggie Packed Refried Rice

I ended up purchasing more of these Radish MiniSticks at my local Walmart on my grocery run this week, so they seem to be available in a lot of retailers. To see exactly where you can purchase these visit the map here. To see more fun ways to incorporate this veggie into your family’s healthy diet, check out the Duda Farms website here: http://www.dudafresh.com/products/radishMinisticks.php

I received compensation for the recipe development for Duda Farms/Dandy Radish MiniSticks.  

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  1. Another use for radishes! I substitute radishes for onions in my dishes when my MIL is coming over for dinner. She can’t eat onions – gets migraines.

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