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Valentine’s Gifts that Mean a Lot but Cost a Little

I am a sap for Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean I like to blow boat loads of money or have boat loads of money blown on me. But, I do enjoy picking out small gifts for my kiddos and something heartfelt for my sweet husband.
Valentines Gifts that Won't Break the Bank

Of course, if Valentine’s Day is the only day you show your family love and give them sweet nothings your missing out. An unexpected gift is one of the best things ever – to give and to receive – even if it is something under $1.

Which leads me to, you don’t have to spend a boat load to show someone you love them or that your are thinking of them. We went to Walmart to take a look around at what they had to offer. While my kids are crazy for candy {it isn’t off limits here- just limited} they also had fun little games, trinkets, and books. But, I prefer something shiny. We found lots of beautiful options in Walmart jewelry for the person that wants to get a little something to show her you care. My favorite was this simple heart necklace with diamond accents {pictured above} for just $28. There were lots of other styles at this same budget friendly price.

jewelry options at Walmart from WholesomeMommy.com

But besides these choices there were others in a similar price range. These Luminesse pieces were VERY pretty. There were several rings I would have loved at the same $28 price point.  Also, these birthstone rings and necklaces {top right} were beautifully set for $58 each.   If you’ve got a bit more to spend, this heart necklace was gorgeous at $98.

Whatever you choose, give, or receive just remember it really is the thought that counts so remember to put some thought into it!


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