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The Learning Tower Review & *Surprise Give Away!* – CLOSED

The winner is Tonya Hopkins!  Tonya, you have 24 hours to claim your prize!  Just email me at denisesawyer {at} gmail {dot} com and let me know your color choice and shipping information and the learning tower will be all yours!!

I don’t think of my self as materialistic.  We do buy things when we need them and sometimes when we want them.  We try to be smart with our money and only purchase things (especially big ticket items) after much research and deliberation.   But, when we do make a purchase, we tend to purchase quality.  I would rather have fewer things that are really nice (and that I really LOVE) than a whole bunch of stuff that is cheap and has to be replaced all the time.  That’s not to say that some of my really nice stuff didn’t come with a cheap price! LOL. I do shop for bargains and wait for things to go on sale!

There are few things in my life that I couldn’t live without.  Recently I was asked by Totsy what I couldn’t live without (besides my family, of course).  My response?  My kitchen.  It is the epicenter of my home.  I love to cook and bake.  I use my kitchen to experiment, entertain, bake with my son, and cook dinner for my family 6 to 7 nights a week. I guess that is why I can say, without a doubt, that my two favorite items in my home are in my kitchen.  Surprised?

I LOVE my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and my Learning Tower.  I mean I LOVE them.  I hesitated to purchase my mixer because I wasn’t sure I could justify the cost.  I mean, they definitely aren’t cheap!  Finally, after talking about it for years, my husband surprised me with one for my birthday last year.  I have used that thing at least 4 times a week and nearly every day!  I don’t know how I ever lived without it!  As for my Learning Tower, I didn’t actually purchase it, I got it for review.  But, although it isn’t cheap, it is WELL worth the cost.  Judah uses it daily to watch me prepare dinner and help when he can.  Again, it is one of those things that I don’t know how we ever made it without it!

The Learning Tower is built to last, and its a good thing, my son is giving it a work out, and will for many years to come.  And, I intend on using it for a couple more children to follow. (*wink*).   At just 20 months of age, Judah is mesmerized by everything in the kitchen and he loves to help!  When we bake he pours the ingredients into the mixer with my guidance after I measure them. When I am slicing vegetables he likes to hand them to me one at a time.  He likes to stir and of course he’s always the chief “taste tester.”

Although preparing dinner or baking goodies would be much faster without his “help,” I wouldn’t trade this time with him for the world.  He is learning so much just listening to me talk about what we’re doing, and he loves it so much.  Also, even if I wanted to prepare a meal without him, there is little chance of that happening!  He is so interested in what is going on if I begin dinner without him he comes running to the kitchen as soon as he hears a pot clank. He immediately begins hollering and pointing at the Learning Tower wanting me to drag it to the counter where he can perch and watch what’s going on.

He was interested before we got the Learning Tower and we were using a step stool that had two steps.  It was tall enough for him to see but I had to guard him from falling off and it slid around a lot on the floor.  Cooking and chopping was very awkward trying to keep a leg behind him so he wouldn’t fall off!  This has been a much safer solution to his curiosity.

So, I mentioned that my two favorite items we’re pricey, but well worth it.  Actually, before I was asked if I wanted to review The Learning Tower, my husband and I had discussed purchasing one.  Judah was showing such an interest in what we were doing in the kitchen.  We talked about the cost ($179.99) and how we really couldn’t afford it.  But, we felt this was something that would make our lives much easier and knowing how much time I spent in the kitchen, we knew it would get lots of use.  And, we were right, Judah was so fussy before and once he could see what was going on, his fussing stopped.  We decided it would be a good investment and decided to start saving our money towards it.

Here’s why I think the Learning Tower is a good investment

  • I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone, but if you are a true home cook who spends a lot of time cooking meals for your family (we don’t do take out and I cook nearly every night of the week) this is a great way to incorporate your children into what you’re already doing.  It is a wonderful learning tool because your children can begin to do small jobs and most of all – spend time with you!
  • It can be used in the kitchen for cooking and baking but it is also great for children to use for hand washing and washing dishes!  And, we use ours to play with homemade playdough too!
  • The platform is adjustable so it is terrific for children ages 18 month to 6 years.
  • It “ain’t” cheap – I’m not talking about the cost this time.  The Learning Tower is made out of high quality layered birch wood and is built to last.  I can see this piece lasting through the three children I hope to have.  And, we use it multiple times every day!
  • It has four side railings, unlike regular step stools.  It is much safer for standing up high and kids can work  or play while standing in it without you having to worry about them falling out.  (Bonus- they can crawl in and out of it safely all by their selves!)
  • It has a large platform, big enough for two small children to stand on at once or one child has a tremendous amount of room to move about.  (It has been tested to hold up to 500 lbs!).
  • It is easy to clean with a damp rag.
  • It has other cool attachments that you could add later to get even more use out of it!  We have the art easel with a white board on one side and a chalk

Okay, so I’ve gone on…and on about why I love it, now I want one of you to experience the joy of owning one!

One reader of Wholesome Mommy is going to WIN a Learning Tower of their own!

Here’s what you need to do to enter:
1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment here telling me how you would use the Learning Tower in your home.

For extra entries (you can do as many of these as you want):
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Contest ends 12/12/10 at 11:59 EST. Winner will be chosen via random.org & must supply shipping details to me (via email) in 48 hours or a new winner will be selected and prize will be forfeited.

Disclosure:  I received a Learning Tower & art easel for review purposes.  This fabulous review is because I REALLY love this product!  As usual, all opinions are honest and my own!

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  1. I would use this to cook with my twin daughters. They cook with me frequently, and this would be a great help.

  2. I subscribe to Wholesome Mommy.

  3. My little boo boo would love this.. he perches on a stool right now, but loves to help me in the kitchen. I would use it everyday.

  4. In the kitchen to cook with my 4 and 2 year olds! They would love this!

  5. I subscribe

  6. The learning tower is on my wish list! My Wee Baby girl is turning one next week and I have twins on the way. The learning tower would be an amazing addition to our kitchen. Providing safety and convenience for my babies! :-)

    What a wonder invention! I have visions of her helping me sprinkle cookies with colorful sprinkles, line cupcake pans, stir the batter with the biggest spoon, and so much more!

  7. Just became fans of your FB and learning tower.

  8. Now following you and learning tower on twitter! tweet tweet!

  9. Subscribed to your amazing website!

  10. I would use it mainly in the kitchen as well. I decorate cakes as a hobby and I know my growing daughter would love to get up close with the Learning Tower instead of sitting in her high chair!

  11. Dottie Nikolich says:

    I would use this for my 3 year old granddaughter who cooks and bakes with me regularly. Right now she stands on a chair and I cringe every time she moves and grab for her. This would be so great to have…..

  12. Fans of the Learning Tower and Wholesome Mommy on facebook!

  13. I would give this as a gift to my nephew, who’s just getting to the age where he can get curious about what’s going on in the kitched (I’d also be tempted to hold onto it for a few years so I can use it, as I know it would be PERFECT for my future kids, haha)

  14. I have a three year old and a one year old who LOVE LOVE LOVE to help in the kitchen so we would put it to use everyday. I love to cook, but have been having a hard time keeping them entertained while I am working so this would be perfect for us to work together!

  15. Sarah Jordan says:

    I would use it with the 3 small children I have in my house! They are always pulling up their small table chairs and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to save them from falling!

  16. I’m like you and cook pretty much every night (We’ve eaten out once in the last two months). I have two small kiddos who love to help and I also work so between that an cooking every night there is much together time, but this sure would help!

  17. I subscribe via RSS feed

  18. Jodi Staggers says:

    This would be great to keep my four year old safe and a wonderful thing I can use with the up-and-coming addition(s-twins are a possibility) to our family as well! I am a person who’s second home is in the kitchen and enjoy my daughter’s help. She has always been interested in the kitchen stuff from baking, cooking, and dishes :) as this would be awesome to keep her safe as that gets you sidetracked from actually cooking and enjoying it with your helper. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win one and the awesome, in-depth review.

  19. I follow on facebook!

  20. I would use this in the kitchen with our 4 kids 6 and under.

  21. Laura Waltz says:

    I’d love the learning tower for so many reasons! My older son is nearly 3, and he rarely gets to help out in the kitchen because we don’t have a safe way for him to get up to the counter height to help. I know he’s interested though, because he “cooks” with his play food and skillet. Also, he is behind vocally, and we have been working with a speech pathologist and teacher. I know being able to help out more in the kitchen would help expand his vocabulary as well!

  22. Lauren Nguyen says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen this before but it’s so great! I would love for my little girl to be able to “help” in the kitchen and I think it’d even be great to use for her to be able to reach the kitchen sink to wash her hands.

  23. I think The Learning Tower seems great! I wouldn’t actually use it in my own home, as I don’t have kids yet, but I would gift it to my friend who has two little boys who are very curious in the kitchen! This would help her out a lot!

  24. I’m a fan of you & the learning tower on FB!

  25. I would love to get one of these! I cook with my daughter all the time and I can so relate to being nervous about her falling off the stool that I place up to the counter so she can watch. She’s only 16 months, but already loves to help Mommy in the kitchen.

  26. I follow both on twitter & posted about your giveaway!


  27. I subscribe via google reader.

  28. We have 4 kids (2yrs – 6 yrs) who love to help in the kitchen. But, we don’t have safe ways for them to stand up near the counter to help. This would be perfect!

  29. I subscribe via Google Reader too! Love your blog (especially about the wholesome cleaners – I made them all and they work wonders!!)

  30. Oh I would love a learning tower! I have a little girl that will be able to start helping me in the kitchen in just a few more months.

  31. Laura Love says:

    WOW! I’m a cooker, baker, kitchen lover myself and always keep my kids helping. They love it and I can only hope they continue to love cooking when they get older. I would use it to keep them both involved. With two toddlers, there is never enough room on our current “stand”. :)

  32. Stumbled! :)

  33. I would use it in my kitchen like you to help the kids learn along with me as I cook :)

  34. I would love the learning tower to cook with my 2 year old little girl! :)

  35. Jessica T. says:

    I have been following your blog for a few months now, and I am trying to make healthier changes in our lives as well. I have a 3 1/2 year old son and he LOVES to “help” mommy cook. Like you said, standing on a chair or sitting on the counter top just isn’t safe, so I would LOVE to have a learning tower. Thank you for your posts, I love reading them!

  36. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  37. Nancy Ward says:

    I would use the Learning Tower in my kitchen when the younger grandkids want to “help” me cook.

  38. Nancy Ward says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  39. Annise Neidrich says:

    Love, Love, Love this….it’s been on my mommy-wish list for a long time. My little guy LOVES to help in the kitchen and this would make it easier

  40. Annise Neidrich says:

    Liked both on Facebook

  41. Annise Neidrich says:

    I am a bloglines subscriber

  42. I have wanted one of these for so long! My daughter is a wild thing and climbs up on stools to help me. This is such a great (and MUCH safer) idea!

  43. … and I subscribe!

  44. … and now am a facebook fan

  45. I have three little girls who love to help in the kitchen, and this would be a big help as they are always pulling chairs up so that they can see everything going on better.

  46. I like Wholesome Mommy and Learning Tower on Facebook

  47. I follow your RRS

  48. I have a home daycare/preschool… a Learning Tower would be fantastic for us to use on “Mixing Mondays” when we do our cooking projects! It’s on my wishlist ;)

  49. I subscribe with Google Reader.

  50. I would LOVE to have a learning tower, however, it’s not within our budget. I have a 22 month old, Zachary, and 5 year old, Emmalie, who both help out in the kitchen a lot. However, Zachary doesn’t get the full experience sometimes because I have to put him in his high chair with stuff next to the counter while me and Emmalie make dinner or do our baking! Baking is a favorite hobby of mine – and my children it seem. If I had this my little boy would be able to get in on the fun in the kitchen just as easily as Emmalie and I do!

  51. My twins LOVE to help me cook each day and this would be a terrific way for them to help cook SAFELY!

  52. Liked both on FB!

  53. Following both (Piglet5432) and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/Piglet5432/status/9335038436974592

  54. I subscribe via RSS

  55. I stumbled your post

  56. Jennifer Rich says:

    My son lives on our kitchen counter. This is so much safer and easier for me!

  57. I’d use it in the kitchen for the girls to help make Christmas cookies with and everyday cooking as well. I’m sure the girls would have other ideas with the Learning Tower. It might become a space ship or a castle or a treehouse for them.

  58. My son’s(18 months) fav place in the house is kitchen. he loves to help me and cook. It would be of great help to have the Learning Tower so I dont have to worry too much of him falling down.

  59. I would love this to cook with my twins!

  60. sucscribed thr google reader

  61. How would I use the learning tower? Honestly, I already have one, but I want to gift it to my sister. We use this thing every day. It sits next to the island in our kitchen and mealtimes became fun again because our son could see what we were doing and help (he’s 18 months old). He gets in this thing every morning and has breakfast while I pack lunches for the day. Sometimes he has pre-dinner while I make dinner. As expensive as it was, it was such an AMAZING investment for us!

  62. Like on facebook – already a fan of the learning tower!

  63. Amy Martin says:

    My 2 1/2 year old son asks to “cook, Mom, cook!” every day! We would use this to be able to safely incorporate his desire to help and learn into our every day routine!

  64. Amy Martin says:

    Became a fan of Wholesome Mommy and Learning Tower on Facebook

  65. I’ve wanted one of these ever since the first of my three kiddos were little! I’d use it for my two oldest while they help make dinner instead of fighting over the one step stool that we have! I would then also be able to keep my baby from trying to climb said step stool!

  66. i havce three kids under three and everyone is always clamoring ot help in the kitchen, which is nice, but i only have rolling office chairs and someone always falls/pushes someone else and there are a lot of kitchen boo boos. this woudl probably keep at least one kid safe

  67. Tiffany Cameron says:

    Why have I not seen this before? This is absolutely genius! I can’t even begin to tell you how many step stools I have bought for my daughter. They are all either too short, too tall or TOO CHEAP! I’m not even sure what to do with all of them at this point (any suggestions?).
    The Learning Tower is amazing! My daughter is constantly wanting to do whatever I am doing and this would allow her the “height” to do so. I am not pointing any fingers (*cough … my husband*) but all of our counters are different heights. It would be SO nice to only have one barstool for all of these rooms!
    So please, please, please PICK ME! In the mean time – I will be trying to find a use for all of these step stools (step aerobics anyone?).

  68. Tiffany Cameron says:

    I am a fan of Wholesome Mommy and Learning Tower on Facebook.

  69. Tiffany Cameron says:

    I have subscribed to Wholesome Mommy!

  70. I loved reading your review of The Learning Tower. It sounds like such a useful product. My daughter is turning two and is very interested in what I do in the kitchen. She is always hanging on to my leg when I’m preparing food or even washing dishes. She is a very adventurous girl and I get nervous putting her on any regular stool. She is much too active to stay still on them. It would be so nice having something like this to put her on. My family too hardly eats out and are at home gathered around the kitchen often. Would love love love this in our home!

  71. I would use this with my 4 and 3 year old in the kitchen and them pass it on to my nephew who is one. My toddlers are always wanting to help in the kitchen and I know my sister would really love this.

  72. I would use this in the kitchen. My 2 boys (5 and 2) love to help me cook and bake as well! I’m like you were with the 2 step ladder. I’m always worried my 2 year old will fall off!

  73. Fan on Facebook and Learning Tower fan as well.

  74. Following @centsiblesawyer and @learningtower on twitter. Tweeted about it.

  75. I have 6 grandchildren and love to bake. We make an old family recipe of tea cakes that everyone of them like to help but as you can imagine it is award for the little one. I have seen this in magazines and thought what a creative and useful tool to have with little ones.

  76. I’d use it just like you do! My kids (all 5 of them)would love having something like this in the kitchen so that they could reach and help me more!

  77. My kids are always helping me. My daughter is 4 and I am always afraid she will fall off the stool or chair.

  78. I would use it for my 18 month old daughter and our new baby on the way. My husband loves to cook and I like to bake. Between the two of us we are always in the kitchen. My daughter currently runs back and forth between us saying up up up pleeeease. This would make our lives so much easier AND my daughter so much happier.

  79. I would use one just as you do… to have my little ones right beside me while cooking and baking! Just what we need, since our table has benches!

  80. I became a fan of Wholesome Mommy and Learning Tower on Facebook.

  81. I already subscribe to Wholesome Mommy via RSS feed.

  82. We are currently adopting our first child and this would be perfect! I LOVE cooking/baking and I cook all our meals about every night. We try to limit our eating out to 1-2 nights a month. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  83. It would be a dream to have this in my kitchen to be able to have the kids close by but also safe!

  84. I love to cook and even though you can’t tell by my blog (it hasn’t been updated in way too long), we are always in the kitchen. We’ve already had one minor accident where our 19 month old daughter fell off the chair she was standing on trying to “help.” This looks awesome!

  85. I became a Facebook fan

  86. My son had a stroke in-utero and still has some balance issues, especially when needing to climb on things. This seems like it would be very helpful for him as he helps me around the house. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  87. I have 3 kids: a 4 year old boy, a 2 year old girl, and a 12 month old boy. They are all interested in what goes on in the kitchen, maybe a little too much, LOL, but mostly my 4 year old, who is always asking to help. No room to put a separate table at kid height in the kitchen, and nothing safe for him to stand on up to the counter, but I would love to be able to make cookies, for example, with him. Plus, I too cook every night of the week unless something stressful/time consuming is happening in our lives. So, this would actually be a really awesome thing for our family, especially considering we can’t afford the $180 price tag.

  88. I subscribe and really heart this blog! ;)

  89. I would use it for my younger kids and friends for cooking of course but also bird watching.

    My kids can never see the birds at the window and it is hard to lift them all up. :)

  90. I would use this to have fun in the kitchen with my 7 and 4 year old. They love helping in the kitchen and actually use our step stool but they like being higher up and it is a little more of a “reach” for things for my 4-year-old.

  91. I subscribe via email.

  92. Kristen Beecham says:

    I would use this with my 2 1/2 year old son. I think having him “help” me in the kitchen would encourage me to cook/bake more often.

  93. Ashley Flores says:

    I have never seen this before now but, dear goodness, I NEED ONE :)

  94. Kristen Beecham says:

    I subscribe via email.

  95. Kristen Beecham says:

    I like Wholesome Mommy on Facebook.

  96. Kristen Beecham says:

    I like The Learning Tower on Facebook.

  97. We’d love this for our 20 month old to help bake cookies, our favorite family tradition, & for hand washing since my daughter is huge/heavy making it very difficult.

  98. I also love to cook and bake so this would be such a wonderful addition to our home!

  99. Email subscriber!

  100. All three of my young children, ages 7, 5 and 3, love to ‘help’ me cook, and I only have one little folding step stool! They fight over who gets the stool constantly, so having a Learning Tower in the kitchen would definitely increase peace and harmony at suppertime!

  101. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I want to say your son looks so cute rolling out the dough..lol I can see my daughter Mia doing the same thing. She loves to be in the kitchen with me, she is 3, and I think this would give her a safe place to help mommy.

  102. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I am following the Centsible Sawyer on twitter

  103. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I follow you by email which I love!!

  104. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I also follow your blog on google friend connect!!

  105. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I follow the Wholesome Mommy on facebook

  106. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I follow the Learning Tower on facebook

  107. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I follow the Learning Tower on twitter

  108. I would love the learning tower! I have been eyeing it for some time, but the cost is high. I have 3 kids who would love this, right now we use a stool for the older two. They would be so surprised and thankful for it and being able to help Mommy out in the kitchen even more!

  109. Subscribed to the Wholesome Mommy via email.

  110. Liked both on Facebook.

  111. I would use this for my 15 month old. She is starting to get interested in what is going on in the kitchen!

  112. I subscribe through google reader!

  113. This would be great to use in the kitchen for my little girls, they always want to help with baking, but can never reach. This would be great!!

  114. I am an email subscriber

  115. I subscribe via e-mail.

  116. What a great product! In the kitchen so the girls can help me bake – it’s not safe when they’re accident prone and standing on a chair! :) Thank you!

  117. Also, I’m a “Wholesome Mommy” subscriber through RSS feed. Thanks again!

  118. Just became a facebook fan of both! :) Thanks again for a great opportunity.

  119. Linda DeGroat says:

    I’m an email subscriber.
    My son loves to help me in the kitchen and this learning tower looks much safer than him just standing on a chair to help me at the counter. I would love to have this item!!!!

  120. Kimberly Russell says:

    I would use it for the same reason as you. So my little one can watch and help out in the kitchen.

  121. Kimberly Russell says:

    Facebook Fan

  122. Kimberly Russellk says:

    I subscribe via email

  123. kim trombly says:

    This looks like the greatest kitchen tool yet! I would use for Mya who is height challenged when it comes to kitchen counters. Might even teach her to do the dishes! Via Rss.

  124. I Love Love Love the learning tower. I too cook 6-7 nights a week and love to bake. My kids are constantly pulling chairs to the counter to help me. The learning tower seems like such a great addition to our home and the peace of mind knowing how safe and sturdy it is would be a true blessing. What a wonderful gift this would be just in time for the holidays!

  125. My first is on the way, but I cook regularly in our home and would love to have this to share the experience with the little guy/gal who will be joining our family shortly!

  126. I subscribe!

  127. I would probably use it in the kitchen. My son loves to watch/help me cook.

  128. I subscribe via email.

  129. I would use this in the kitchen with my son. He is only one but almost always insists on being in the kitchen when I am cooking or doing dishes, etc. I was trying to make a fruit salad the other day & finally set him up on the counter in front of me so I could cut the fruit up without him crying.

  130. Email subscriber!

  131. i would use this to let my son see whatever it is we are doing in the kitchen since he is always asking us to hold him up so he can see.

  132. fan of you both on facebook

  133. email subscriber

  134. I liked you on facebook

  135. My 3 year old loves to help me cook. I would use it as a safer alternative to the kitchen chair that he drags over to the counter now.

  136. I follow by e-mail

  137. I would be soooo super excited to win this. I would use it for my only son, my 2.5 year old little Angel. He is always so curious about what exactly I am doing as I cook. I would love to purchase this for him but it is just too expensive. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this :)

  138. I would use this for my son Isaiah so he can help us both cook. It’s tough when both parents like to cook.

  139. I love to bake and my husband and I both love to cook. Our 22 month old son is so interested in what we are doing in the kitchen. I love his curiosity, but it does get hard to hold him and get stuff done. This would be a perfect solution! If I win, I will have my son at the counter with me, learning and making memories (I will even send pics!).

    I subscribed via email and became a fan of yours and learning tower on facebook.

    Thanks for all you do!

  140. Virginia Masek says:

    What a great product. I would love to win this. Thanks!

  141. Tiana Petersen says:

    My daughter is 1 and LOVES to be in the kitchen! This would be much safer than her just standing on a stool!

  142. Tiana Petersen says:

    I subscribe to your emails (thanks)

  143. Tiana Petersen says:

    I follow you on FB

  144. Ashley Lewis says:

    I would give this to my Neice…she loves to cook with her mom, so I know it would be used!

  145. Tracy Doneson says:

    My grand daughter would love this! she is always following her mommy into the kitchen…this would come in handy

  146. Jean Strieff says:

    My great grand daughter just turned 1 and is always in the kitchen…this would be used all the time!

  147. Marti Lugli says:

    Like you I use my kitchen aid mixer all the time. I need this for the kids so they can help me!

  148. I would LOVE to have a Learning Tower. My little guy is 26 months and he does the same thing your little boy does. He whines until I sit him up on the counter to watch. Then I have to stay right by him so that he doesn’t fall off. It makes cooking rather difficult and stressful for me. This would be the best solution for us. Thanks for all you do.

  149. I am a fan of Wholesome Mommy on FB. Thanks.

  150. I am a fan of the Learning Tower of FB. Thanks.

  151. I am already subscribed to Wholesome Mommy via email and love reading everything you send. Thanks for all you do.

  152. Kiki Bacaro says:

    I would use this for my almost 3 year old granddaughter who is re-learning how to walk after being in a body cast for a good part of this year. She SO wants to help in the kitchen but it’s hard to get her up to counterlevel with a high chair.

  153. Kiki Bacaro says:
  154. Kiki Bacaro says:

    I’ve liked both of you on facebook and am following both of you on twitter and I’ve tweeted! http://twitter.com/Mami2three

  155. Kiki Bacaro says:

    and now I’ve subscribed through email:) Thanks for another great giveaway!

  156. We are blessed with seven little and not so little ones and I spend lots and lots of time in the kitchen with all my “helpers.” This would make our time together in the kitchen safe and fun.

  157. I find it hard to do the cooking for dinner sometimes because m daughter can’t be with me in my kitchen. This will make it possible! I love the idea of using it at the counter for playdough time too! I have seen these in catalogs before and was never quite sure if I could justify the cost of it but after reading your blog, I’m considering it more and more. But I’ll have to wait see if I win it first! Fingers crossed! :-)

  158. I’m an RSS follower

  159. Stephanie says:

    My son loves to “help” in the kitchen, whether it’s making bread with his father or helping mommy cook dinner, and we currently use a stepping stool……but he tetters on it and I have the same trouble that you used to have. I have admired the Learning Tower from afar, lol, but as you said, it is costly.

  160. I would use this to cook or do art projects with my two year old son. He would love it!

  161. I subscribe in RSS via Google Reader.

  162. I would use for my fourth child, aka spider monkey. She needs to be where the action is, and this way she can do it safely:)

  163. have plans to buy this for christmas so this would be an AMAZING gift to our family…my kids LOVE to help in the kitchen and the dining room chairs are a little unsturdy with two movers on them…think this would be a great addition to our home!

  164. email subscriber

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  167. I would use it with my three year old and (eventually) my nine month old when we’re cooking. Right now he stands on a chair and it’s just not the safest way to do things!

  168. Sue Whittaker says:

    I’d love to win this to use with my grand daughter. She already loves to help in the kitchen.

  169. I liked Wholesome Mommy on Facebook.

  170. Sue Whittaker says:

    I’m now following Wholesome Mommy on Facebook. Wish me luck…

  171. Sue Whittaker says:

    I liked The Learning Tower on Facebook too. Can you tell how much I want to win? I would blog and twitter too but I don’t do those things :(

  172. I saw a previous post and thought “Look at that cool stool. I wonder what that is?”
    I have a 19 month old and would use it like you do in the kitchen and to do craft projects. Awesome! I hope I win!

  173. I liked Wholesome Mommy and The Learning Tower on Facebook too!

  174. I would use this with my 18 mo old. She is very curious about what I’m doing in the kitchen and has a stool. But she is constantly falling off. This would be great so she doesn’t get hurt everytime she tries to help!

  175. I liked Wholesome Mommy on facebook.

  176. I liked the Learning Tower on facebook.

  177. I would use it for letting the kids help cook.

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  179. Marina S. says:

    I would LOVE this for my kitchen. It’s perfect for both my boys who want to be in on the cooking action.

  180. I would love to win the Learning Tower for our home. My boys love to help me cook and this would be a lot better than moving chairs over for them to stand on. With my oldest he would be able to grab the dishes out of the to help set the table or help me unload and put them away. Thank you for the opportunity to with the Learning Tower.

  181. I “liked” on Facebook.

  182. Wow, what a great giveaway!! I’ve never heard of the learning tower before, but I have a four year old girl that LOVES to help in the kitchen, and uses a stool right now… and I also have a nine month old, who I’m sure will be trying to help soon enough. I’d use this in the kitchen with them! :)

  183. I’d like this because a stool and a chair isn’t cutting it! The kids have fallen off a few times… =x

  184. subscriber via google reader

  185. Jeni Prokop says:

    Oh… let me count the ways! My almost 19 month old son has always wanted to be held or invlolved! Which is great, I love it! Except cooking dinner for my family nightly is on the top of my list (literally showering is behind the importance of a home cooked meal to me!) I often wear him on my back while I cook… it’s the only way I can get it done (my husband works late hours). But now that he is 19 months he wants to help!!! So every single morning & night I find myself doing a very awkward twist-bend in order to let him sample, pour, or even carry. I know that this is one of those “can’t live without” items… and although we living it’s really starting to hurt! And although I may miss the special food-conditioning treatments & surprises my hair gets daily this item would be used for sure, without a doubt, at least twice a day, 365 days a year! I would love more than anything to have my cooking buddy by my side, helping me out, stacking measuring cups, gutting squash, making ornaments & even rolling out his own biscuits(-: Thank you!

  186. Catherine Harris Brown says:

    I would LOVE to use the learning tower for my toddler to help me cook, do crafts and decorate the Christmas tree!

  187. Catherine Brown says:

    I am a fan of the learning tower and wholesomemommy on fb! Catherine Harris Brown

  188. Catherine Brown says:

    I follow @CentsibleSawyer and @LearningTower on twitter and tweeted!

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    I subscribe via email.

  190. Catherine Brown says:

    I stumbled! Cbrownrockhound

  191. I would use this every day in my kitchen either cooking or doing art projects, with my three kiddos, all under the age of 5.

  192. Became a fan of yours on FB.

  193. Following you and Learning Tower on Twitter. Forgot to add to my last post that I “Like” Learning Tower on FB.

  194. Subscribed to Wholesome Mommy via email. Also, tweeted:

  195. I would love to use this for everything!! My son is so helpful but its not safe for him to stand on a chair to help me. This would be an amazing gift to give him!

  196. I love getting your emails :)

  197. I subscribed to your feed :)

  198. I like your facebook page :)
    Love, Katydid

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    Love, Katydid

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  202. I stumbled this post :)

  203. Melissa Barnes says:

    i would use this in the kitchen – i have been teaching my kids how to cook and they love it so this would be fabulous and perfect just what we need!!!

  204. Melissa Barnes says:

    like both on fb as melissa barnes

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    folllow both on twitter as lovinmykiddos and tweeted

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    email subscriber

  207. Last minute tweet for an entry. Merry Christmas!

  208. I would love to win this. My good friends love to cook and this would be provide a great way for their daughter to be more involved with them in the kitchen.

  209. What a fantastic idea this is! Definitely a great tool for hands-on parents. I’d love to win one and I know it would get near daily use in the kitchen if I did win.

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