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Tea Lovers Swoon: Win a 9 Tea Presentation Box from Might Leaf

Do you have a tea lover in your family? Are you a tea lover yourself? Either way you are going to want to put this 9 tea presentation box from Mighty Leaf tea on your shopping list.

Mighy Leaf

If you’ve been following me on facebook, you know my love for all thing hot tea. I love to enjoy a cup in the evenings after my kiddos are in bed. It is my ME time. It isn’t much, but it helps me to find myself again after a hectic, stressful day. That’s what makes it the perfect gift.  Do you know someone who could use a moment of calm? No? Then you don’t know any moms of young’uns. LOL. Seriously though, I think it would be pretty hard to think of someone who COULDN’T use a moment of calm! Having a cup of hot black, green, or even herbal tea is great way to cap an evening and regain balance.

What makes Mighty Leaf different than the others?  They are seriously different. These are WORTH giving as gifts.  They use all natural ingredients including hand picked whole leaf tea, blossoms, herbs, fruits, and spices. The leaves and blossoms they use are so big {not that chopped up stuff} that they had to design their own tea bags! They are HUGE silken, artisan Tea Pouches that are hand stitched and made with unbleached cotton without glue or staples.  The tea bags themselves are beautiful.  But the tea…oh the tea. This glorious tea is something to write home about. My personal favorites are the Organic Dulce and the Organic African Nectar.

Mighty Leaf 9 Presentation Box

This 9 tea presentation box includes 81 whole leaf Tea Pouches in a gorgeous tea chest.  It makes a lovely gift for the hostess or tea connoisseur in your life.  I was practically giddy when it arrived on my doorstep and I am excited to be able to give one of you one too!

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One Lucky Reader will win a  9 Tea Presentation Box from Mighty Leaf Tea.