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Labor Day Simple Summer Side Dishes

Ahh…Labor Day. Around here it is the official close of summer. Most folks close up their pools after one last hooray with the family.  Although, it will still be hot for a bit longer. Most of the kids here have also gone back to school and are just getting into the swing of things. And, […]

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Learn MORE with Me!

I am really down on myself lately about how much content I am bringing you lately.  I have a wealth of information swimming through my head that I’ve been dying to get down into a post and out to you.  But alas, life happens.  And, it isn’t that I don’t love what I’ve been doing: […]

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Choosing Cloth Diapers

Before my baby was born I looked into using cloth diapers.  They are both good for the environment and for baby’s behind, as well as WAY cheaper than disposable diapers.  After making my mind up I realized I had forgotten to run it by my husband!  Oops!  So, one day I sprang it on him.  […]

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