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Baby Toys Are Taking Over!

With three kids and lots of loving friends and family we have too many toys.  Oh, yes. They DO play with them. The proof is that there are toys ALL. OVER. MY. HOUSE. If you don’t know me in real life, you might not know that I am a bit obsessive compulsive over keeping things tidy. […]

Wild Wild Wild Kratts!

Are your children fans of the PBS  Kids series Wild Kratts?  It is one of  my five and three year old’s favorites!!  And, it is actually one cartoon I don’t mind watching with them.  It’s both educational and entertaining. My kids love learning about different animals and their “creature powers” {which if you aren’t familiar […]

Cool Toys at Toy State Toys

I recently received some fantastic toys from Toy State.  We received some really cool Road Rippers, including this Monster Truck that Judah immediately laid claim to. We also got one of these cute Hatchback cars which will be going to another lucky little boy.  Both make tons of cool sounds, play music, and only take […]

Plan Toys: Toys that Last

I love wooden toys.  I have purchased many for my children including a solid wood set of building blocks, wooden puzzles, and even wooden ride on toys.   I prefer to purchase wooden toys because I know they will hold up through lots of play and will still be in good shape when when it comes […]

‘Tis the Season for Toys!

Who has seen this cute cartoon, Peppa Pig?  My son, Judah, absolutely adores it!  I was surprised when my sister in law said they had never heard of it.  I filled her in and shared this cute DVD, “Muddy Puddles” with my nephew and its been a hit in their household too! I love that […]

Playskool’s New Rockin’ Rewards Program= FREE music for you!

Have you seen Playskool’s new Rocktivitiy Toys?  They are so cute and sure to thrill someone on your shopping list.  My 1 year old daughter {and 3 year old son!} have been enjoying the new Rocktivity Walk N’ Roll Rider.  It’s a cute little motorcycle that you can ride and scoot around on or you […]

Cutest Stuffed Animals…Ever!

I just found my new favorite source for stuffed animals and loveys!  Douglas toys has unusual stuffed animals and are very reasonably priced. Judah picked out a super cute wooly mammoth and he is so shaggy and soft!  It made a great addition to his stuffed dinosaur collection.  I’ve never seen a stuffed wooly mammoth […]

Elefun Busy Ball Popper – A Review

When Judah was about 6 months old he  received a Playskool Busy Ball Popper.  It has been a favorite around our house ever since then.  He is two and a half now and he still loves to retrieve the balls.  He gets so excited!  He screams and hollers and the game can get quite wild.  […]

Playskool Give Away – Closed

Congrats to Laura W. for winning this give away! Recently I received (I should say, Judah received) a couple toys to review from Playskool.  As soon as the box arrived Judah was at my side wanting to see what was inside and when he saw the Chuck & Friends Tumble Tower Set, he exclaimed, “For […]

Haulin’ in the Toys for Charity

I had another fabulous opportunity to do some charitable work this holiday season thanks to Walmart!  We were told Walmart would give us $100 to purchase toys for any local charity we choose.  It was simple for me to decide how I would use my donation! I work in an elementary school were I know […]

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