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Grandma’s Cranberry Sauce

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving! Most importantly, I’ll get to spend time with family that I don’t see nearly enough.  But, a very close second is the food.  I am going to be honest here…I can’t wait to stuff myself like a Thanksgiving turkey! Thanksgiving dinner in my southern home is a casserole crazy, […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers Real Food Remake: Sweet Potato Pancakes

My fellow Walmart Moms and I were challenged to make something NEW from Thanksgiving leftovers. What a fun way to write a recipe! I love that this screams frugal and ingenuity – two of my favorite words when it comes to the kitchen!  I think my friends and I came up with some great ways […]

Sweet Potato Casserole in the Crock Pot – Virtual Thanksgiving

I am so excited!! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and we’re getting so close! I get to enjoy all my favorite dishes…at once! LOL. Oh yeah, AND I get to see all the beautiful faces that I love so much and don’t get to see nearly enough. The day is a lazy day […]

DIY: Turn Fall Photos Into Party Favors

Last week my family celebrated Sukkot {Also known as Feast of Tabernacles} and I wanted something to hand out as a parting gift (I love party favors!).   I think these photo card -turned gift container fit the bill!  They have the sentiment that fit the occasion for my family – “Thankful for Everything Thankful for […]

Thanksgiving on a Budget

Today the kids and I went to Walmart to pick up the ingredients to make Thanksgiving dinner.  Walmart challenged us to see if it was possible to purchase the items for a Thanksgiving dinner for $40 or less.  Let’s just say I’m a nutcase this was a challenge – but not to find the ingredients […]

Meal Solution #5: The Thanksgiving Edition

So if you’ve been following here for a while you know that I am participating in a program to help Walmart spread the word that they are doing something new to help moms (and dads) find quick meal solutions for their families.   Each week they feature certain ingredients to grab and go so that you […]

Walmart Helps My Local Food Pantry

I had a really cool opportunity to purchase $50 worth of groceries to donate to my local food pantry here in Georgia thanks to Walmart.  This opportunity came to me as a Walmart Mom to help get the word out about their campaign to Fight Hunger.  Right now, Walmart is hosting an in-store food drive […]

Crafty Napkin Rings for Fall Get Togethers

Congratulations to Nicole, Leigh Anne Cheryl F., & Saralyn for winning this give away! Calling all crafty mamas!  I have a a cool craft that you can do and even get the kids involved!  This craft is so simple and the end result is something useful you can use the whole season! It’s Napkin Rings! […]

Squash Casserole

With summer’s end very near I am thinking about all the delicious yellow squash I will be missing!  If you get an opportunity to snag some of those delicious yellow squash {preferably organic if you can find it} before they are all gone you’ll have to try this recipe.   Better yet, squirrel some of […]

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