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Sunday School: How to Shop for REAL & Wholesome Foods – Part 1

I’ve had a lot of questions about how I shop for my groceries, where I go to find the best prices, and where I buy which foods.  I’m going to answer those questions today! The truth is, finding REAL food can be an adventure…especially if you want to find the best real food at the […]

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Sunday School: The Truth about Cold Cereal – Not Part of Your “Balanced Breakfast”

Are you kids headed back to school?  Around here school has either started or is about to start in the next week or two, depending on which school district your kids are in.  Either way, there is still time to stock your fridge and freezer with healthy and fast breakfast options.  I spend a few […]

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My Whole Food Journey 3.3.13 – Sunday School

I thought it might be good to share what I’ve been learning this week.  It’ll be a rabbit trail…that’s how I roll.  But, if you’re on this whole food journey with me these are things you might also like to know. First, I baked some homemade English Muffins.  I have the recipe here on my […]

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