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Watermelon Tropical Fruit Salad with Coconut Cream

We’ve been making the most of our summer over here! Lots of fun things happening as we savor these last few weeks of summer.  Have you been wrapping up your summer bucket list? Want to add another simple fun item to your list?  How about a tropical themed snack for a luau, to reminisce the […]

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Interactive FUN Calendar

I have been thinking about making this project for a very long time and I finally found the inspiration (and time *ahem*) to get started!  The original thought behind this calendar was I wanted to make every month, every week, every day…FUN and I wanted to give Judah (and soon Eliana) something to look forward […]

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Kid Craft: Bird House

Judah and I love to make things together and we make and do all sorts of things with scissors, glue, stickers, pipe cleaners, you name it. But, his favorite thing to do, by far, is paint. So, I decided on an easy painting project I knew a three year old could do: paint a bird […]

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Kids Can Paint Like Jackson Pollock: Splatter Paint!

Judah and I had the best time the other day!  We did an unconventional art project that was such a hit with him and would be a hit with any kid – no matter what age, I believe.  What kids don’t like to splatter paint?  And, what is even better than splattering with a paint […]

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