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Fall Fruit & Nut Honey Compote for Your Yogurt Breakfast

Yogurt is a great anytime food…around here we can be found eating it at breakfast, lunch, and for a snack. But, yogurt can also be used in recipes anytime of day.  I’ve got a great little easy substitution guide for you and also a UBER easy recipe for how to enjoy yogurt in these colder […]

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Tons of Lunchbox Ideas at Rock The Lunchbox

Across U.S. households, parents suffer from widespread “lunchbox preparation fatigue” yet the majority of kids complain of being bored by the lack of variety in their lunches.  To tackle the challenges and complaints of adults and children,  the four leading natural and organic companies teamed up to create “Rock the Lunch Box,” a free resource […]

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The Secret to Creamy Eggs

Want to know the secret to creamy eggs?  Greek Yogurt.  Seriously.  You know all the great things you’ve heard about Greek yogurt and how it has so much protein and how it is so good for you?  Well.  Yeah.  That too.  Plus, it makes really awesome scrambled eggs.  Be sure to start with a good […]

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Fresh Pear and Pineapple Greek Yogurt Crepes

These crepes are a healthy, summer breakfast to start your weekend!  I really love making crepes because you can fill them with so many different fillings.  When I make crepes everyone is happy because they can have whatever they want – and everyone can have something different without any trouble at all. We fill them […]

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Give Away: Win a Blendtec Blender and a Stash of Stonyfield Blends Yogurt – BEFORE it Hits Grocery Store Shelves! (Valued at $455!)

Congratulations #28 -Nancy W. you won the Blendec Blender and a case of Stonyfield Blends!! I am SO excited to share the long awaited addition to the Stonyfield family – NEW Stonyfield Blends -pure organic yogurt blended with fresh fruit pieces and fruit purees.  This yogurt  is great for those who crave a thicker, creamier […]

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I’m a Food Superhero!- Give Away CLOSED

Congratulations to Sarah for winning this Give Away!! As part of our year-long ‘Know Your Food’ campaign, Stonyfield  has launched Stonyfield Food Superheroes, a light-hearted and interactive campaign inviting food lovers to transform themselves into Food Superheroes by showing off their powers to support a healthy, sustainable food system through the small actions they take […]

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