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DIY: Turn Cheap Chore Boots Into Cute Rainboots

Its spring! That means warmer weather, everything turning vibrant and green again, flowers blooming, and rain showers.  There is only one thing that makes rainy weather a GOOD thing for my two littles – puddles.  My kids {all kids?} love to jump in the rain puddles during and after a rain shower.  But, rain boots […]

Spring Flower Cupcakes – Fun for the Kiddos

Spring is in the air! I’ve been enjoying some fun in the sun with my two little ones. Today, after enjoying some time outside we came in for a little kitchen fun. We baked these lemon cupcakes and the kids helped decorate them with jellybeans! If you’re looking for a fun activity to keep the […]

Spring is Here!

  Are you soaking up spring right now and getting ready for summer in your neck of the woods?  We’ve had nearly perfect weather for a couple of weeks now and we’ve managed to tackle a handful of outdoor chores already this year. First up, I planted some strawberry plants and blueberry bushes in the […]

Kid Craft: Rainbow Wind Sock

Judah and I enjoyed a quick art project the other day and I thought I would share it with you!  We made this wind sock with all materials we had on hand (and reused some items too!).  All you need is two pieces of sturdy card stock, some cotton balls, glue, a stapler (or some […]

Craft Your Own Super Cute Custom Flower Pots

I love cute flower pots but they usually cost an arm and a leg!  I also like to make things match and look cute (I’m neurotic like that).  So, when I saw all the cute flower pots on Pinterest, I had to try craft some up for myself. What You’ll Need to Make Your Own: […]

Our Butterflies Emerged!

Our butterflies have all emerged out of their cocoons.  It was a fabulous experience for Judah and I.  (Actually, I think my husband, mom, and dad also enjoyed seeing the fuzzy little guys progress).  We watched them as they all got into their cocoons.  I had my doubts that one of them was going to […]

Seeds of Change, Planting PURPLE tomatoes

Remember when I told you that I received some seed packets from Seeds of Change a while back? Judah and I had a blast planting the Tomato Garden Starter Kit.  You can see him talking about our little “experiment” here. Besides sending me the starter kit, Seeds of Change also sent me a selection of […]

Learning About Plants – An Interview with Judah

I admittedly have a “black thumb.”  I swear I can kill a cactus.  No really.  I have.  {Hangs head in shame}.  I don’t know why, my mom can work magic in a garden.  She can grow anything.  Lucky for me, I live next door so I have been able to enjoy the literal fruits of […]

Spring Fun – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I have been trying to do something fun (like a craft or a fun snack) with Judah, my three year old, each day that I am home.  Since his little sister came along (she’s now 6 months) I’ve tried to make this time just for him, a time when he gets all of my attention […]

Are You Ready for Spring?

Spring has sprung and I’ve been doing a little work around my patio.  We love sitting outside when the sun is setting (did I mention I love these longer days?!?!) and enjoying the cool breeze of spring.  Judah loves to run around in the grass and play ball and blow bubbles and I love being […]

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