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Parent’s Choice Diapers – Low Price or CHEAP?

I will admit that I have been VERY loyal when it comes to buying diapers. I’ve been particular. Mostly because I found something that worked and never tried anything else. When Judah was born {he’s almost 6 now!} I bpught several brands in the beginning and found that many brands just didn’t work – they […]

Fun with Pets: Chuck-It Flying Squirrel Review

Its warming up and that means playing outside!!  The kids and I love to play outside and sometimes we incorporate our two pups into the fun.  The kids have been trying to teach our dogs to fetch.  So, we decided to give the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel a try. The Chuck It! Flying Squirrel is kind […]

Urbini Touri Travel System Review

This will be my third time around.  I have owned, tried, and tested a TON of baby gear.  At this point, with the third baby, I know what I want, I know what I like, and know what I HAVE to have.  I have had so many different strollers that it is a joke now.  […]

Real Food For Babies From Beech-Nut

Okay, here’s my scoop on baby food: We fed our kids REAL foods from the start. Most of the time we’d feed them something {or many things depending on their stages} from our own meals. BUT, we all know there are times when that just isn’t possible: You eat at a restaurant, you have a […]

Tea Lovers Swoon: Win a 9 Tea Presentation Box from Might Leaf

Do you have a tea lover in your family? Are you a tea lover yourself? Either way you are going to want to put this 9 tea presentation box from Mighty Leaf tea on your shopping list. If you’ve been following me on facebook, you know my love for all thing hot tea. I love […]

Crayola Makes Summer Time Breezy

  As a child there was nothing that thrilled me more than a box of new art supplies: stickers, crayons, markers, colored pencils…I loved them all!  And, still as an adult new stationary makes giddy. 😉  So, I want to bring those memories of my childhood to my own children.  So, ever since Judah could […]

Review: Tyrrell’s Chips

I had the priveledge of trying some new hand cooked chips from the UK {now available in the US}.  These chips are from Tyrrell’s Farm where they use all of the potato (they keep the jackets on!) and cook them in small batches to keep them crispy and crunchy. Tyrrells Chips are all natural, gluten-free […]

Rachael Ray Cookware Review

Are you a Food Network fan?  I’ve said more than once that it is where I learned a lot about cooking as a new bride.  If it weren’t for Food Network Television, their website, and my dear ol’ mom being available every evening at the dinner hour {when I would call and ask a string […]

Review: Vaseline Spray and Go

  Do you hate when you have to wait to let the lotion dry before you can put your clothes back on? I am the world’s worst! I know I should apply lotion but I never take the time.  I take WAY better care of my kids skin than I do mine! So, when Walmart […]

Pampers Diapers – A Review

I had the opportunity to try Pampers Cruisers with my little one.  I will first tell you that I have ALWAYS used Huggies on her.  I tried a few brands (including Pampers) when I had Judah 4 years ago.  I found that Huggies worked best for him.  So, I assumed they would work the best […]

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