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Green Crafts in the Mail

If your kids will be stuck indoors for a couple more months and you have no idea what in the world you are going to do with them…I have a solution.  Are you feeling a little relieved already?  Green Kids Crafts, a mom owned and mom operated green company uses safe and sustainable materials to […]

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Home Improvement – Bathroom Redo- Step #1

Walmart has a new website all about helping you make basic home improvement (DIY) projects simple, called Projects Made Simple.  They are providing step by step how-to videos (around 75 to 100 of them!) like painting an accent wall, installing a towel bar, and repairing a running toilet.  Accompanying each video is a product list […]

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Creation Craft with Judah

Each week Judah and I learn a new Bible story.  Its been fun teaching him about the scriptures and hearing how his little boy brain makes sense of them. (: We usually do a project or two to help him understand the lesson and this was one I really had a great time with him […]

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Summer Time is HERE!!

Did everyone have a fabulous long weekend for Memorial Day!?  I had a great time!  We spent some much needed time together as a family and even were blessed to see my husband’s parents from out of town.  We grilled out quite a bit, but more than that, my husband and his dad spent a […]

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