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Summer Peach Coffee Cake

Its summer time! And, for a very short time we can eat all the fresh fruit we want!!  If you’re trying to cut out processed foods and eat more real foods, fruit is like nature’s candy and the summer fruits are some of the sweetest!  There is nothing better than a juicy, sweet peach dripping […]

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Peach Pie with Whole Wheat Crust and Streusel Topping

After visiting the Peach Orchard at Lane Family Orchards and learning about Walmart’s fresh guarantee I was dying to get back to make a peach pie with all those juicy peaches!  I’ve only made a pie all purpose flour and since my family switched to grinding our own wheat, I really wanted to try making […]

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A Trip to Lane Southern Orchards

This week I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes tour of the Lane Family Southern Orchards peach orchard thanks to my being a part of the Walmart Moms program.  The Lane’s peach Orchard is a fifth generation family operation that is located in Fort Valley, Georgia, just a few hours south of […]

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Peach Cornmeal Pancakes

I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes in magazines, cookbooks, and on television lately for pancakes using some cornmeal.  Although I’ve never tried them I’m familiar with the cakes that are called Johnny Cakes that are like pancakes but made with cornmeal instead of flour. These recipes are a little different.  They have some flour […]

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French Toast with Fresh Peach Topping

This is a keeper.  Judah and I had this just the other morning and I can’t wait to have it again.  Peaches are in season so I recommend that you get your hands on some and give this recipe a try!  They aren’t that hard or time consuming that you can’t make these on a […]

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Summer Snacks

Summer is here and it is HOT here in Georgia!  That hasn’t slowed Judah’s appetite for snacks though so I had to do a little digging in my recipe binder to find homemade treats that don’t require baking.  I made a whole list of yummy snacks I can’t wait to make that are both delicious […]

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