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Thanksgiving Leftovers Real Food Remake: Sweet Potato Pancakes

My fellow Walmart Moms and I were challenged to make something NEW from Thanksgiving leftovers. What a fun way to write a recipe! I love that this screams frugal and ingenuity – two of my favorite words when it comes to the kitchen!  I think my friends and I came up with some great ways […]

Ditch the Pancake Syrup and Grab Maple Syrup

My family has been making different food choices for a few years now, in hopes of living a longer/healthier life.  We’ve adopted a few “real food rules.” We’ve been making  swaps slowly and surely to eat cleaner, healthier, and incorporate more whole foods. “Cause that’s the only way to do it…slowly and surely – because […]

10 Perfect Pancake Recipes

Looking for a recipe to mix it up this weekend?  Do you have a family tradition for weekend breakfast?  My family doesn’t have a certain food per say, for example, we don’t eat waffles every Sunday.  But, we do have a tradition of having a big breakfast on the weekends.  Most people make a bigger […]

Bananas Foster Pancakes

My kiddos love pancakes and waffles and I love creating new variations. 😉  We use whole wheat flour to make our pancakes and sometimes I like to make oat pancakes.  Either recipe is great with this topping.  You really can’t go wrong with butter and brown sugar, am I right? Oh, and by the way, […]

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Pancakes

This recipe was a total experiment.  And, experiments can go one of two ways – good or ugly.  I am happy to report that this itchen experiment turned out more than just good…it is now elevated to my new FAVORITE pancake recipe.  I am likely to use this recipe as my regular pancake recipe with […]

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes for National Blueberry Pancake Day

Today is National Blueberry Pancake day and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share one of my family’s favorite blueberry pancake recipes!  Of course, if lemon blueberry pancakes aren’t your style you could always just toss a few blueberries in your regular pancake batter. Don’t have a family pancake recipe?  You can have mine […]

Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Pancakes

Ahh. Pancakes.  I have found yet another delicious recipe for pancakes.  My family loves them so it gives me plenty of opportunity to play around with my recipes.  This one is so good that you don’t even need syrup.  I literally just gobbled mine up – pancake in one hand, coffee in the other – […]

Simple Easy Pancake Recipe

My family loves pancakes and waffles!  That’s why you’ll find lots of recipes for both on my site – like oat pancakes, peach cornmeal pancakes, cherry pancakes, baked apple pie pancakes, strawberry cheesecake pancakes, and orange cinnamon waffles. But, I thought you might like my basic pancake recipe.  I use it most often and it […]

Oat Pancakes

I love breakfast!  I especially like to try new recipes for pancakes, waffles, and other baked puffy/dough creations!  I love that you can mix it up and change it up with different fruits, nuts, and spices and create something so different. Lucky for me, I have two boys in my home (my 3 year old […]

Baked Apple Pie Pancake

My son loves pancakes…and waffles or all kinds.  With chocolate hazelnut spread, with maple syrup, with homemade fruit syrup/preserves.  For that reason, I am always looking for different ways to make them.  I like to experiment in the kitchen – he likes to eat sweet breakfast foods.  It is a win-win. (: So, when I […]

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