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Baby Toys Are Taking Over!

With three kids and lots of loving friends and family we have too many toys.  Oh, yes. They DO play with them. The proof is that there are toys ALL. OVER. MY. HOUSE. If you don’t know me in real life, you might not know that I am a bit obsessive compulsive over keeping things tidy. […]

Boys’ Room Redo – When Siblings Share a Room

With the arrival of our third child lots of changes have taken place.  The adjustment to three happened even before Ezra was born.  We knew we only had a 3 bedroom house and that all three of the rooms were occupied. Building on to the house wasn’t an option, so we knew we were going […]

My Nightstand Had Busy Mom Syndrome

See that photo – that is the before shot.  This is what it REALLY looks like to be a mom blogger. Messes. Paperwork, cords, computers, hardware, EVERYWHERE. Maybe you have a place like this in your home – you know the “catch all.”  My nightstand happens to be one  of these “catch-alls” {of several, unfortunately}. […]

Closet Overhaul

I’ve been cleaning up a few trouble spots in my house lately {did you see my post on organizing my bathroom cabinets and the one on capturing my kids crafts supplies?}  My mom and I were brainstorming on what to tackle next and she told me she really had been wanting to clean up her […]

Operation Organizing the Bathroom Cabinets

Hubby’s Bathroom Cabinet I’ve decided to tackle a major clutter zone in my home: the bathroom cabinets.  They are a jumbled mess and it is nearly impossible to find anything I need.  It is like going into the black hole. My Bathroom Cabinet & Drawers {WHOA!} After a good inventory and a short brainstorming session […]

Home Improvement – My Mud Room is Complete

There have been several home improvement projects going on at my house.  Besides getting the baby’s room ready for her arrival I finally got my mud room completed!   The mud room is something we wanted to finish when we built the house but money ran out and it was something that could wait.  The house […]

Menu Plan 5.31.11

It has been a relaxing and fabulous long weekend with my family. Now it is back to the grind and back to work.  It is the last week of work at the school and then this Thursday I make my last trip for bloggy business to Bentonville, Arkansas for the Walmart Shareholder’s meeting. I’m looking […]

Menu Plan Monday 6.21.10

We’re headed for a relaxing family vacation beginning Saturday.  I am looking forward to it – but no worries for you readers, new posts will be ‘a plenty. =) :: Monday Grilled Chicken Grilled Squash & Zucchini Baked Potatoes Bread :: Tuesday Crispy Fish French Fries Green Beans :: Wednesday Chicken Croquettes Chicken Gravy Rice […]

Real Food Menu Plan 6.7.10

What a busy weekend!  I have spent the whole day getting my house back in order and now I’m planning a weeks worth of meals.  I just can’t function without a little organization! :: Monday Spinach Ravioli Homemade Alfredo Garlic Bread :: Tuesday Creamy Asparagus Soup Mozzarella Grilled Cheese Sandwiches :: Wednesday Hamburgers w/ Wheat […]

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