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Rockin’ Guac

This is the rockin’-est guac you’ve ever had.  It is a little different than the classic guacamole.  It is richer and creamier…and addictive.  I may or may not have eaten a whole bowl by myself.  I’ll never tell… Guacamole is best made RIGHT before you are going to eat it so that it doesn’t turn […]

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Easy Authentic Homemade Salsa {From Your Pantry!}

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner.  Do you celebrate it?  Even if you don’t, I mean, who needs another excuse to eat tacos, right?! 😛 My family absolutely LOVES oven baked tacos.  Once you’ve tried them BAKED, you’ll never go back!  But, you know what goes great with tacos? Salsa. This recipe for […]

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Grilled Plantains

Have you ever tried plantains?  I recently tried them for the very first time- I’ve always wanted to try them but have been afraid of cooking them since it is a new food for me/my family!  I love trying new foods and I finally decided to give it a go! They are those banana-looking fruits […]

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