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REAL Food, REAL Fast: Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta

More veggies you say? Well I like to bring what you ask for… so this pasta is packed with veggies but even the picky eaters will enjoy this one. If you have kids {or husbands} who turn their noses up at real food just relabel this one as “homemade spaghetti o’s!” Seriously, this pasta has […]

REAL Fun Food: Black Bean Pizza

Beans and pizza? Before you think I’ve flipped my lid, you really need to try this – at least once. Then make up your mind. But likely, you’re going to love it, so go ahead and print the recipe and save yourself an extra step, okay? I mean, pizza AND Mexican food? Yeah. You’re starting […]

Manly Meat and Potato Quiche

Quiche. Men think its lady food – too dainty and not nearly enough filling.  But, I’ve got a solution for that – fill that quiche will the things guys love – meat and potatoes, and maybe, just maybe, you can get your manly man to jump on board with this dish.  REAL food can be […]

Black Bean “Taco Meat” – A Meatless Meal!

I’ve got a great new meatless meal to add to your meatless Monday {or whatever day} repertoire.   This has got to be one of my favorites so far!!  I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY at how good this was!  I would actually choose this over real taco meat – no kidding!  It is really THAT. GOOD. […]

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Home Cooking – A Review- Closed

Congratulations to Mandy for winning this give away! Whether your a vegetarian or not, this book can prove very useful to any home cook.  If you are like me your trying to save a little money and eat a little more healthy.  For my family that means eating one meat-free dinner a week.  I’ve tried […]

Creamy Vegetable Divan

This is a delicious, cheesy meatless meal.  It is packed with great vitamins thanks to the vegetables but the cheese and milk also give you a protein without having meat!  This dish is very filling.  I like to serve it with some crusty bread or rolls, and some fruit. 1 bag frozen mixed vegetables, thawed […]

Chili Cheese Potato Casserole

I heard you loud and clear!  You want the recipe for Chili Cheese Potato Casserole.  I know right?  Sounds like delicious junk food!  Who doesn’t love chili and cheese and POTATOES!?!  And together, whoa!  First off, this is not my photo, and this isn’t exactly what it looks like.  So just be aware.  As soon […]

Meatless Meals

Last week a reader asked me why I didn’t have more meatless meals and that little nudge was all I needed to get back on track.  We used to have one meatless meal each week along with fish once a week.  We got out of the habit mostly because I ran out of ideas.  So, […]

Potato, Zucchini, and Carrot ‘Nests’ with Eggs

After several requests I am finally getting around to posting this recipe for you all.  We had these last night with my mom and dad and they were a hit!  I forgot to capture a picture because we gobbled them up so fast, so I will try to get one next time and add it […]

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