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REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget: Month 2

Well we’ve officially finished up month one of the “REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget” and the month 2 menu plans have been released and emailed to all you lovely readers.  I hope you enjoy the new REAL food recipes.  This month is chock full of one pot meals, family favorites, and of course […]

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REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget – Week 4 – Trouble Shooting

I’ve officially completed a month of REAL food on a food stamp budget meals and you’ve had access to them for a whole week.  During that time I’ve answered countless comments, questions, emails, and private messages.  AND I LOVE IT!   I want to thank you for all the feedback you’ve given me.  It has […]

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Pantry Challenge

A funny thing happened.  I was thinking about how I’m trying to get on a tighter budget and how much food is already in this house.  I decided I needed to start making meals out of my pantry and freezer and try to purchase as little groceries as possible for as long as possible and […]

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Meal Plan 8.16.10

I’ve been canning and freezing apples all last week.  I’ll be posting some recipes and how to’s today and over the next few days!  I have another busy week ahead with my in-laws staying all week and driving back and forth to Atlanta several times.  I’ve got big plans in the kitchen on my “home […]

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