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Organizing and Streamlining Snacks and Mealtime

Are you all ready for back to school? Have the book bags and lunch boxes been picked out and the school supplies bought? {If not, get your fanny over to Walmart for $0.17 notebooks, $0.50 crayons, and $0.97 markers and the like!}. So, you’ve checked all these items off your list? Think your ready?  Have […]

REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget – The Challenge Begins

Want to subscribe to the REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget Meal plans and grocery list with ALL the recipes included FOR FREE?  Here’s how: If you are on a computer visit the website: www.wholesomemommy.com and right at the top on the right hand side there is a box to insert your email into. […]

A WHOLE Week of Busy Weeknight REAL Food Meals

One question I get most here is how to get real food on the table in a hurry – especially on busy weeknights when most families are short on time.   A misconception that a lot of folks have about real food is that it has to take a long time to prepare.  While there are […]

August Real Food Menu Plan

So, I’ve gotten a bit of feedback from you guys that you like seeing my family’s menu plan.  Some of you have let me know that you are interested in links to the meals and that it helps to just see how I put things together to give you ideas.  So, I’ve decided to give […]

Deconstructed Chicken Pot Pie

This comfort food dish is one that will make you want to do the happy dance.  Why?  Because you can make this dish, from scratch, in less than thirty minutes!  And, it is a delicious meal that everyone will love. It should also be said that this dish is a family friendly, budget friendly dish […]

This week’s plan 5.20.13

This week is a busy one!  I’ve working at the school to start the week off – juggling ball practice and a cocktail party with a brand I REALLY want to work with on Wednesday.  Then, Thursday and Friday will be back to the reality called motherhood – cleaning house, organizing a closet, and finding […]

This Week’s Plan 5.13.13

I am going to be cooking from my pantry/freezer this week.  The only thing I need to pick up is some corn from the farmer’s market. This month is crazy busy for us…I’m just trying to figure out how to get it all done!  I’ve got lots of trips planned, work to wrap up, baseball […]

This Week’s Plan 4.22.13

I had a rough week last week.  It seemed like I just couldn’t accomplish anything.  Looking back, I realize that we had a good time…I’m not really sure what happened!  I played with the kids, built train tracks, had a fun little picnic inside and another fun little picnic outside with the kiddos.  I think my […]

The Week at Hand 4.8.13

Well, spring break is over and I will be heading back to work today.  I really wish it would never end, but summer will be here before too long.  If you read my plan last week, you know I had a LOOONG list of things I wanted to accomplish.  Well, I did!  I accomplished everything […]

My Week at Hand 3.24.13

What a week.  I am exhausted and barely remember a thing.  Chalk it up to two littles who weren’t feeling 100%.  I think the warm weather turned frigid messed with their sinuses and one has a runny nose while the other has a barking cough and a stopped up nose. Between comforting them, battling the […]

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