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6 Tips on How to Save BIG Money on Wholesome REAL Food

1. Practice the Buy in Bulk Principle If it is on sale at an awesome price…buy it.  It it is fresh food, use it, freeze it, can it, dehydrate it.  Especially if it is something you buy all the time, anyway.   One problem with eating REAL Food is that their aren’t a lot of […]

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Locally Grown

Have you seen this signage in your local Walmart?  It makes me smile. Why?  To me it says Walmart is listening.  They are listening to the customers who are asking them to bring in more local produce, to think about sustainability, and to consider the cost of shipping across the country  – the cost to […]

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A Trip to the Strawberry Farm

Two weeks ago my mom, my two kidlets, and I went to the local strawberry farm to pick as many berries as we could before the kids pooped out.  We had a GREAT time! The strawberry farm closest to us is in Rome, Georgia and is called LCCL Strawberry Farms.  {They are celebrating their tenth […]

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Local Food: It’s Blueberry Season!

Thanks to an early spring in Georgia it is blueberry season!  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those local, juicy berries.  Read how my family fills the freezer and our bellies full of local berries over at the Georgia Blueberries website.  My article is featured today!

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