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Summer Packin’ – What’s Should You Carry in the Diaper Bag?

Summer is COMING. {I keep reminding myself …like a mantra as this week we’ve had another cold snap and I’m mumbling and grumbling about cold feet}.  But, I digress.  I couldn’t be more excited about warmer weather and getting out doors with my little ones. They have been BEGGING to go on a picnic and […]

Baby Toys Are Taking Over!

With three kids and lots of loving friends and family we have too many toys.  Oh, yes. They DO play with them. The proof is that there are toys ALL. OVER. MY. HOUSE. If you don’t know me in real life, you might not know that I am a bit obsessive compulsive over keeping things tidy. […]

Jif To Go Dippers for a Quick Protein Packed Pick Me Up

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Jif To Go Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. With baby #3 finally arriving, I am finding I have less and less time to waste. Everything MUST be organized in order to be able […]

Wild Wild Wild Kratts!

Are your children fans of the PBS  Kids series Wild Kratts?  It is one of  my five and three year old’s favorites!!  And, it is actually one cartoon I don’t mind watching with them.  It’s both educational and entertaining. My kids love learning about different animals and their “creature powers” {which if you aren’t familiar […]

Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit and Veggie Pouches

Judah and Eliana LOVE fruit.  I always have some kind {usually a few types} of fresh fruit and veggies in my fridge at any given time.  Their favorites are oranges, grapes, any kind of berry, cantaloupe, and sweet potatoes.   They’ll eat other varieties too, but these are the types I can count on them eating […]

Winter Solutions for Dry Heat

To a lot of folks winter time means extra expense.  With cranking our heat up, losing that heat out drafty windows or doors, and problems that come with snow and/or ice, its easy to see where those hard earned dollars disappear to. With that said, “winterizing” your home usually means installing a programmable thermostat, updating […]

Recipe: PB&J Crepes

Last week I was “watching” Food Network.  We leave it on that channel when no one is really watching T.V. around here!  Sometimes I’m half way listening and I’ll catch a recipe that really sounds good and my ears will perk up and I’ll take note.  That is what happened on this particular day.  Giada […]

Road Trips with the Kidlets

‘Tis the season for travel.  The fact is, most of us who work outside the home will get a few days off in the coming months – starting tomorrow!  And, many of us will take some of those days to visit with family and friends that we might not get the opportunity to see as […]

Bed Time at the Sawyer’s + Gerber Clothes – Great for Both My Kiddos!

We recently received a boxful of Gerber items to review including T-shirts, onesies, burp cloths, towels, wash cloths, and thermal pajamas.  We were so excited to open the box – my kids love getting stuff in the mail – especially when it is for them. 😉 I was thrilled with the items.  I’ve been a […]

Interactive FUN Calendar

I have been thinking about making this project for a very long time and I finally found the inspiration (and time *ahem*) to get started!  The original thought behind this calendar was I wanted to make every month, every week, every day…FUN and I wanted to give Judah (and soon Eliana) something to look forward […]

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