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Clean Eating Street Food: Israeli Falafel

This recipe came about after some dear friends of ours invited us over for dinner.  Her mother was in town from Israel and was preparing a traditional Israeli meal for her homesick daughter and we were invited to enjoy the meal with them…what an honor!  My husband {being very picky at the time} was very […]

Flashback Friday: My Whole Food Journey 4.25.10

 This is a post from almost three years ago.  I have been rereading some of the posts I wrote here in the beginning – My Whole Food Journey- as a way to reevaluate what I am doing now and what I could be doing differently.  A lot has happened with my family in the past […]

Organic on a Budget: Scoring Cheap Fruits and Veggies

If you’re making the switch to more wholesome foods like my family has been doing, you may have realized a change in your budget. If you were buying tons of processed foods and take out, you might have seen that you’re spending less. But, more than likely, if you’ve been doing “pretty well” before, using […]

Organic on a Budget: Bulk Bins = Bargains

When you first start buying organic foods you might have sticker shock.  The price difference on some items can be steep.  And, while I must admit, buying organic foods can be a bit more expensive, it doesn’t mean you can’t afford it.  Sometimes it just takes knowing a few tricks and paying attention. That’s what […]

Aldi… A GREAT Place for Holiday Baking on the Cheap! – GIVE AWAY CLOSED

The winner of the $25 Aldi Gift Certificate is Sandra Macmillan!  Congrats!  And thanks to everyone who entered! Is there an Aldi in your neighborhood?  If there is and you haven’t gone, you should really check it out!  It is a no-frills grocery store that is going to help your bottom line this holiday season!  […]

My Whole Food Journey 11.17.10

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these posts!  I have shared a lot about the changes my family has made up until now little by little.  And, now my trips to the grocery store are easier and it seems like old hat.  It isn’t so difficult to find exactly what I […]

Menu Plan 9.13.10

I’ve already shared how my menu planning happens around here… I plan a week, sometimes two at a time.  Then, sometimes I switch the days around depending on what happens around here.  So, while I always plan my meals, I don’t always cook them on the days I state here… it is more or less […]

Grocery Trip: Earth Fare

Many of you have emailed me to ask why I don’t post my grocery trips anymore and if I would please start posting again because it was helpful to you.  I had no idea you enjoyed this post.  So, if you are one of those readers who enjoys seeing what I’m buying on a weekly […]

Menu Plan 8.30.10

It’s been a great week here!  I’ve been baking and I’ve got lots of yummy things put away in our freezer this week including, cranberry pecan muffins, 2 batches of chicken stock, banana almond butter breakfast bars, and blueberry muffins!  Now we can kick back and relax a few days and spend some time just […]

Meal Plan 8.16.10

I’ve been canning and freezing apples all last week.  I’ll be posting some recipes and how to’s today and over the next few days!  I have another busy week ahead with my in-laws staying all week and driving back and forth to Atlanta several times.  I’ve got big plans in the kitchen on my “home […]

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