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French Onion Burgers

Looking for a different and delicious new burger to add to your grilling line up this summer? Look no further!  These French onion burgers are DELICIOUS and go great with the sweet potato chip recipe I shared earlier this week!  REAL food can be oh, so, good! These burgers were a hit with my family […]

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Homemade BBQ Sauce

Have you checked the labels on the condiments in your fridge yet?  I know as I have been trying {over the past 4 years} to make over my family’s eating habits, the condiments were the last thing I thought to check.  I honestly just didn’t give them much thought. With the exception of ketchup {which […]

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Win the Grill of Your Dreams!

It is grilling weather and we’ve been giving our grill a workout!  Grilling is wonderful because it keeps my kitchen clean (LOL) and nothing taste better than a grilled hamburger, steak, hotdog, chicken, pizza, oh ANYTHING!  But if you don’t have a decent grill – or if you’ve got no grill at all {gasp} then […]

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Father’s Day Fun!

In my family father’s day is a fun day!  Because it falls during June, when it is scorching hot in Georgia, it means we’ll be spending the day cooking out and swimming in the pool! No elaborate meals to be made here, just simple grilling out with all the yummy southern fixins’ and lots of […]

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Rock YOUR Block

Ahhh… Summer. My favorite part about summer is it seems like the perfect time to gather your family and friends together for a backyard bash.  Fire up the grill, jump in the pool, or play a game of volleyball, backyard ball, or other game.  I enjoy hosting parties in my home and there is nothing […]

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