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Overcoming the Obstacles of Green Cleaning

As a family we have made an STRONG effort to kick chemicals out or home for the last 3 years.  During that time, I have had a BIG learning curve to overcome as well as trouble finding products to replace the toxic ones that STILL WORK.  I’ve tried MANY brands – and at times, spared […]

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Chemical Free Cleaning on the Cheap!

Have you kicked the chemicals out of your home? Are you spending an arm and a leg on chemical free or “green” cleaners? Yeah. I used to too. And, then I’d still worry about whether or not the house was REALLY clean. Did it kill the germs on the toilet? Will the clothes SMELL clean? […]

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Vine.com – A One Stop Shop for Natural Food and Cleaning Products

I recently had the opportunity to try out a new online shopping venue…Vine.com.  Vine.com has all the natural products you crave in household cleaning, beauty products, kitchen gear, grocery items, and even apparel.  It is affiliated with other online stores you might be familiar with like soap.com, diapers.com, and many others. I got to try […]

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Green Cleaning with Ardyss

As you know if you’ve been following this blog for any time, I have commited to using green cleaners in my home.  Sometimes I make my own and other times I purchase them. I have been very happy with my homemade toilet cleaner and I use vinegar for mopping up floors. I usually purchase dish […]

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Spring Cleaning with Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper + Natural Cleaners

It’s that time – Spring Cleaning Time!  Okay, so maybe you aren’t thrilled about it {neither am I} but I just wanted to remind you that spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean bringing in lots of chemicals that are dangerous to your family members. You can make your own cleaners – glass cleaner, surface/all purpose […]

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Cleaning House

I’ve been cleaning out my cleaning cabinet and the first thing that I noticed is how many different cleaners were in there!  There must have been about 15 different items for cleaning my house.  Albeit I don’t use all of them every time, that is just way too many chemicals in my home.  I boxed […]

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