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REAL Easy Recipes: One Pan Taco Pasta

Looking for a REAL food replacement for your favorite hamburger helper meals? I’ve got a few right here. REAL, clean food can be just as easy as those highly processed meals in a box.  And, I believe you’ll be even happier with the results. This taco pasta meal can be made in one pan in […]

Real Food Recipe: Whole Wheat Pumpkin Spiced Waffles

The pumpkin craze is happening now on Pinterest. You can find recipe for EVERYTHING pumpkin. So, I thought I’d give you one of our favorite pumpkin recipes: Whole Wheat Pumpkin Spice Waffles. They are so delicious and everything you know about pumpkin pie in a waffle! But the best part is this recipe is REAL […]

Flashback – What Kind of Milk Should I Be Buying?

The following is a repost of a post I wrote a year and half ago.  It is interesting to me to go back and reread why I am making the decisions I am STILL making.  And, all of these things still hold true for my family.  It occurred to me that there are more people […]

Milk – Too Many Choices or Not Enough?

When you walk into the grocery store and stare at the dairy case are you confused by all the labels?  Do you buy whole milk, 2%, or skim?  Do you buy organic, rBGH-free, or conventional?  What about local, grass-fed, or raw?  Now milk has additives too – like DHA and Omega 3. :: I Buy […]

Cook It Once, Use it Twice – Meatballs

Whether you are a work at home mom or you work outside the home, I think this series will help you save time in the kitchen and make getting dinner to the table fast!  Everybody needs a few quick and healthy recipes that can save them some time and energy!  Meatballs are useful for so […]

Meatballs 3 Ways!

I work outside of the home two to three days a week and I get home late.  I also make dinner at home every weeknight, so I need two things: meals that can be thrown together quick or meals that I can prep ahead of time.  I’ve shared some of my quick go to meals […]

My Whole Food Journey 11.17.10

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these posts!  I have shared a lot about the changes my family has made up until now little by little.  And, now my trips to the grocery store are easier and it seems like old hat.  It isn’t so difficult to find exactly what I […]

Beef Decoded: Organic, Grass-fed, Grain-finished?

As promised, I am back on schedule with my $65 a week budget. So far, this is how I’ve been sticking to my budget and not running all over town blowing my savings in gas: Every other week I shop at Earth Fare on Wednesday afternoons after work (Each week I work at the school […]

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