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Summer Breakfast Ideas While the Kids are HOME

The kids are home for the summer and it’s time to get yourself organized, girl!  I’ve got your back.  You can check breakfast off your to-do list.  I’ve got lots of yummy breakfast ideas that you can make for the kids all summer long. Go check out all the great ideas I’ve curated for you […]

Ten Minute Blueberry Jam

Did you see my post about National Buttermilk Biscuit Day?  Looking for something quick and easy to spread on that delicious, hot-from-the-oven biscuit? How about my 10 minute Blueberry Jam.  Yeah, just 10 minutes – that is all you need!  Sound easy enough?  Check out my post at The Georgia Blueberry Commission today for the […]

Lower Your Risk of Heart Attacks with REAL {Delicious} Food

Do you know which foods are high in antioxidants, high in fiber, and low in calories?  If you answered blueberries, you’re right!  Regardless of whether you’re up on your food science facts or not, if you’re eating a whole foods diet you’ll be gleaning the benefits of all those vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavanoids, and all […]

Pan Seared Chicken with Blueberry Relish

Need a quick weeknight meal but tired of the same ol’ rotation of tacos, spaghetti, and chicken casserole?  I’ve got a great recipe that makes chicken sing! It takes just 20 minutes or less to get it on the table – which makes it a great weeknight meal, especially with school starting back soon!  Check […]

Berrry Pickin’

Judah and I enjoyed picking a bucketful of blueberries at The Blueberry Farm in Lafayette, Georgia.  If you’ve never been berry pickin’ I highly recommend it!  Read all about our trip as well as tips for planning a trip of your own over at the Georgia Blueberry site this week!

Drink to Your Health With Blueberry Green Tea

Last week, I shared a recipe for one of Judah’s favorite ways to enjoy blueberries in a blueberry banana smoothie (link to post). This week I’m letting you in on a favorite of mine: blueberry green tea.  This healthy, delicious tea is made with fresh blueberry juice, where I control the ingredients.  I feed my […]

Local Food: It’s Blueberry Season!

Thanks to an early spring in Georgia it is blueberry season!  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those local, juicy berries.  Read how my family fills the freezer and our bellies full of local berries over at the Georgia Blueberries website.  My article is featured today!

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