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Family Game Night: Disney Games for the Little Ones

Does your family like to play games together? Mine does! We have loved to play games since Judah was about 2 1/2. We are still in the very simple kiddy games like Candy Land, Peng-a-loo, and Ker-Plunk but it is still a lot of fun! I look forward to teaching him and my younger daughter […]

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Combat Winter Blues with a Family Slumber Party!

Are you tired of the snow and cold?  Are you day dreaming of spring and counting down the days until you can send your kids outside to play!?  Long gone are the winter holidays when everyone is off from school and it seems that spring break is just too far away!  How do you kick […]

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Making a New Tradition – Family Game Time Matters

The coming weeks are great family time.  Most of us have a bit of time off from the daily grind: aka – work.  What better time to start a fun family tradition that you can keep going all year long… family game time.  It doesn’t take but a few minutes of your time and it […]

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