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Homemade Chinese Egg Rolls

It’s time for the Chinese New Year! January 31st is the Chinese New Year and this year it is the year of the horse. Even if you don’t typically celebrate this holiday you are going to want to come up with some excuse to make these egg rolls! I know my family likes to get […]

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Strawberry Eggrolls

I have an obsession with egg rolls.  They are the perfect little package.  I love to experiment with new fillings for egg roll wrappers.   They are delicious both savory and sweet.  I almost always keep a package of egg roll wrappers in my fridge.  I use them to put leftover bits of this or that […]

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Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch

I’m happy to be joining the folks at Paradise Grove Avocados and several other fabulous foodie bloggers {Jenn from Frugal Upstate, Laura from Better in Bulk, Daria from Mom in Management, & Kelly from the Centsible Life} to discuss Super Bowl Fare!  We’ll be sharing lots of great recipes and tips for entertaining on January […]

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Breakfast Egg Rolls

I had a fantastic idea the other morning – why don’t I put eggs in an egg roll wrapper.  I know, doesn’t that sound delicious!?  It came about one morning after making apple pie egg rolls the night before.  I knew I had some extra wrappers and I still had a hankering for more fried […]

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Egg Roll Mania!

My mom makes fantastic egg rolls.  They are a little bit of work so we don’t have them too often.  They are kind of reserved for a treat so we make them at special times when we are off from work and together with family and friends.  New Years is typically a time we might […]

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